Hands On Mom

My daily life is a struggle when it comes to rest and sleep. I wake up at 5:30 AM from Monday to Friday to prepare the food and the two children for school. Between the two, the younger one (4 years old) consumes much of my time because he doesn’t feel the importance of rushing yet. My husband then brings them to school while I manage to eat for around 5 minutes and finish the remaining chores like hanging the clothes from the washing machine, washing the dishes and sweeping the floor.

Then I need to be fast taking a bath to avoid being late at work. My stressful hours are the first two hours upon waking up. I feel like with two precocious and very active young children, my energy is consumed even before I can proceed with the day’s tasks.

Sometimes, there’s a lot of shouting to intimidate the children, sometimes I just talk and talk and talk so as to release the stress. Yes, we don’t have a maid for 10 months now! The last one resigned last year due to her delicate pregnancy. There was an applicant after her but we felt like we could manage even without one. But can we really manage?

Then I realize that we just need to divide the tasks among us and agree who will do which task. Unfortunately, it is me who does most of the tasks and it’s taking a toll on my emotional health. My husband says that he’s not doing some tasks because I’m already doing it but it would have made a big difference on my morning mood if he initiates doing it.

Anyway, the only consolation that I get is the thought that when the children get older, they will be more responsible and more cooperative while less dependent on me. For now, I just need to do some stress management because it’s not worth to be feeling mad every morning.