Why We Should Be Proud Of Venus Raj

She ended up as fourth runner up in the 2010 Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant. Some people made a big deal about her “major major” answer during the finals round. Was she being self-righteous? Was she trying to be protective of her personal life, if indeed, she really committed a major mistake in her life?

Venus Raj probably failed us when Ms. Mexico brought home the crown instead of her. But I’d like to look at the positive side of her being a fourth-runner up.

Here are some of the reasons why I think, we should be proud of Venus Raj:

1. Venus vindicated herself and proved her detractors wrong when she almost made it to last week’s beauty pageant. She literally fought for her crown when BPCI dethroned her due to discrepancies in her birth records. Some people advised her to forget what happened and just move on with life. Some people supported her and asked her to fight for her crown. She did. And the result clearly paid off.

2. Venus came from a poor family, dreamed high, worked hard for it and voila, emerged as an almost winner in Ms. Universe. Her humble beginnings must have shaped Venus’ character; that of a strong-willed woman. She didn’t deny her status in life and she didn’t make a big deal out of being a farm girl. Venus will surely inspire people that being poor is not an obstacle to fulfill your dreams in life. You just have to believe in yourself and carry yourself well.

3. Venus finished a degree; she values education and that for me is commendable. While she could easily use her good looks and nice (no, very nice!) body to be a top model or an actress, Venus finished schooling in Bicol.

If Melody Gersbach were alive, she would surely be very happy for her fellow Bicolana. I’m pretty sure Nikette Henson is very happy for Venus, too. One thing admirable about Nikette and Venus is they never let their friendship get affected over the dethronement issue. Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2nd runner up Nikette was supposed to represent the country when Venus was dethroned and the first runner up was underage to fill in for her.

Venus Raj, in our heart, ikaw ang Ms. Universe namin! Thank you for a job well done in Las Vegas!