Tarot Reading

Cherry, a good friend of mine, came back from the States after a two-month stay there. We were supposed to go back to her tarot reader for our mid-year tarot reading. Last January, she referred me to her tarot reader for my 2008 life, love and money forecast. It was Cherry who was the promoter; I was just very curious about tarot stuffs.

Here are some of the things that the tarot reader read last January for me:

  1. PV and I will totally end our relationship because of a scandal that will shock me. I have yet to know the gravity of that supposed scandal. I’m honest to say that there are times when I feel that something very big and bad happened to PV that’s why he acted and reacted that way towards our relationship. I assess how I feel about why our relationship has to end and I realize that I don’t feel any bitterness towards him. It must be my great love for him again?
  2. I will get pregnant before the year ends. I almost laughed when the tarot reader said this. “Wala po akong ka-sex ngayon!” I said. But she insisted that it’s what she sees on the card. It’s something that I don’t want to happen: getting pregnant by someone that I don’t even love. Surely, I don’t practice casual sex but there are other ways in which a girl can get pregnant. What if someone forces me and gets me preggy? Morbid ka talaga, Iris! Wag naman sana! Good thing, I was able to save the link on door locks that Joel sent early this year.
  3. I will have the opportunity to travel abroad. What’s so impossible about that? Maybe a better interpretation of this reading would be: I will have the opportunity to travel abroad for official business purposes. Hay, sana nga!
  4. I will be promoted. Hahaha! Really? How can that happen when I’m just starting with my new function? Well, sana nga!

I asked Cherry when we’ll go back to the tarot reader. It seemed that she’s no longer interested in tarot readings! Himala!

Ayoko na, Iris, bumalik dun. Nagbabasa na ako ng Purpose Driven Life, eh!” she said in between sips on her latte.