Gunless Society

The clamor for a gunless society was hyped up after the death of Stephanie Nicole Ella, the 7-year old stray bullet victim from Caloocan City. Surely, we don’t want another Stephanie Ella for 2014 but will a gunless society solve the problem?

First and foremost, the problem is we have unrecorded or unlicensed firearms or the so called loose firearms. It is no guarantee that licensed gun owners won’t do a similar act of indiscriminate firing like their unlicensed counterpart but the risk is greater for the unlicensed gun owners to do a crime simply because authorities would find it harder to track them. We have laws and penalties about illegal possession of firearms but it’s hard to know if a household possesses illegal firearms unless the authorities search for it.

The gunless society program won’t have a hard time tracking down licensed gun owners to confiscate their guns but what about the unlicensed gun owners? How can we be assured that everybody is playing fair in this game? Unlicensed gun owners are composed of maybe your next-door neighbour who wants to keep a gun in his house for security reasons, leftist and/or terrorist groups, robbers, hold-uppers, snatchers etc. What a great challenge to track down these people and tell them to surrender their weapons!

Do I want a gunless society? Absolutely! But I can only support the system if the main players will play it fair. Go after the owners of the loose firearms first before taking the next step of totally banning the use of gun in this country.

Find The Culprit

Stephanie Ella’s condition is still critical as of this writing. Stephanie is the seven-year old stray bullet victim from Malaria, Caloocan City. The young girl was just standing outside of their house, watching fireworks when she was hit by a stray bullet. Again, she is only seven years old. The person who fired his/her gun to greet 2013 maybe 27, 37, 47, 57, 67 and so on. My point is, that stray bullet harmed an innocent young girl who is not even half of the culprit’s age.

Why do some people have to fire guns to welcome the New Year, anyway? Yabang na lang ba? I am talking of 20 stray bullet incidents here. Twenty! Some of the victims were luckily hit on not so delicate areas but what about the three year old boy from Baliuag and Stephanie Ella from Caloocan? The 3-year old survived the incident and is now declared out of danger. Stephanie is still in comatose, fighting for her life.

One PNP official said that finding the trajectory of the bullet is difficult but possible. Stephanie and the rest of the stray bullet victims may not be important people in our society but they deserve justice just the same. Let’s give it a try to find out who did it. There’s a way to compute for the trajectory of the bullet; leave it to our Math and Physics experts to do that. Science may solve this crime but first hand witnesses can solve it faster. For sure, the family, relatives and friends of those who fired their guns will think twice or even thrice to question if the culprit is the one who celebrated with them. In the case of Stephanie, somebody from Caloocan, Quezon City and Bulacan area must be the culprit.