It All Goes Back to Sharon Cuneta!

I may not be a big fan of Sharon Cuneta but I have always admired her as an actress and as a singer. Her “Sana’y Wala Ng Wakas” never fails to bring tears to my eyes; her rendition will always be the best for me. I grew up watching her movies, too because my mother and my aunt were a big fan of her! Before Jadine and Kathniel, there was ShaGab and their phenomenal loveteam would always be the benchmark for all loveteams; present or future.

Nowadays, bashers are too busy finding faults in her social media posts. Her transparency and frankness are pointed out and as well as her love for posting memories about her ex-flames. Her exes were all good-looking and interesting and they inspired (LOL) me to create this sort of connection arrows just to check somehow if some of them were related or close.

Let’s start with her first boyfriend, Rowell Santiago. He seems to be the most serious and straight-forward among her exes. He has that mysterious appeal and if you are into the silent type of guy, Rowell is the perfect fit. Rowell’s brother is Raymart Santiago who is the estranged husband of Claudine Baretto. Claudine’s sister is Gretchen Baretto who is the ex-girlfriend of Aga Muhlach.  Aga is Albert Martinez’ cousin-in-law and Albert is said to be one of Sharon’s ex.  In addition, Aga Muhlach is one of Sharon’s male BFF and also the father of Janice De Belen’s firstborn. Janice is Gabby Concepcion’s ex-girlfriend and Gabby is the ex-husband of who else but Sharon Cuneta!

Gabby’s physical attributes never seem to fade. With five beautiful daughters from four different ladies, some would ask why he didn’t make it 15 or 50 to spread the good genes. Gabby is Kris Aquino’s ex-boyfriend and for those who are not yet updated, Kris and Sharon are BFFs lately. Kris used to be a die-hard fan of Randy Santiago who is Rowell’s brother and as I mentioned above, Rowell is Sharon’s ex-boyfriend. Small world! Back to Kris, she is Charlie Cojuangco’s cousin and Charlie is also the Megastar’s ex-boyfriend. Charlie married the late Rio Diaz who used to be a regular cast in the longest-running noontime show, Eat Bulaga where Senator Tito Sotto is one of the main hosts. Tito is married to Helen Gamboa who is the sister of Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta, Sharon’s mom.

As if Kris and Sharon are destined to be BFFs later in life, the same cannot be said during the 90s when both women became involve with the charming Robin Padilla! Calm down, there was no overlapping there. If I remember it right, it was Kris first before Sharon. Robin was the reel and real bad boy during those days and despite Rudy Fernandez’ effort as a peacemaker between him and Richard Gomez, he still threw a punch on the latter’s handsome face! Yes, Richard became one of Sharon’s exes and they made beautiful movies together. Tall, dark and handsome, Sharon hit the jackpot again in the looks department!

Back to Rudy Fernandez, he was one of Sharon’s leading men and hey, he looked so concerned about Robin Padilla. Why? Because the two were relatives and so with Sharon’s BFF, Zsa Zsa Padilla! Zsa Zsa’s great love was Dolphy who was Claudine’s co-star in Home Along the Riles. Eric Quizon was his son and during her teenage years, Kris Aquino was infatuated with him!

The world is a small place after all!  (LOL)



Stop The Negativity!

Source: GMA News

Source: GMA News

Sharon Cuneta and Congresswoman Lucy Gomez’ plea for help for the victims of supertyphoon Yolanda in Samar and Leyte received bashing and bickering from some netizens whose motive is to obviously annoy these two personalities. These netizens question Sharon and Lucy’s sincerity and even ask them why giving of donations must be passed to the common people when celebrities and rich people can donate a portion of their wealth to help the victims.

How sure are they that Sharon, Lucy and some of the rich people DID not donate? Kung sino pa ang walang naiambag, sila pa itong malalakas ang loob mangutya at magsalita!Have they seen the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda in Samar and Leyte? If no, they better watch the news for their information and if yes, OMG, what kind of people are they? Where is their EMPATHY?

It’s true, people who do not contribute are the ones who whine and bash. They are the types who would shout at a beggar but would not dare to give even a centavo for them. What is wrong if Sharon and Lucy call for a donation? They are famous personalities with followers that they can influence. It’s human nature to give especially if we’re living a more comfortable life than the others.

I Miss The Sharon-Gabby Days

Got the video from youtube. It was Sharon’s birthday celebration with Gabby Concepcion and KC as guests. Sharon was at the prime of her HOTNESS and KC was very cute as a young girl. Looking at the video, Gabby didn’t change a bit since 1988.

My mother loved the Sharon-Gabby tandem. I remember her watching Sharon and Gabby’s movie. There’s something in their love team that’s just very charming. Their on-screen chemistry was good. I wonder who could match their loveteam in terms of following and popularity.