Must Try: Shampoo in a Bar

To all of us who are used to liquid shampoo, shifting to a shampoo bar will take time to get used to it. The reason why I decided to try Beauty Glamour Ph shampoo bar is because I wanted to lessen the number of shampoo bottles that I needed to either recycle or throw away.

Beauty Glamour Ph shampoo bar comes in two variants. I bought the pink shampoo bar. I love the fruity smell! The shape is almost cylindrical but can easily be grasped. The texture reminds me of our good old “panghilod” (stone scrubber).

It normally takes me around less than a minute to shampoo my shoulder-length hair using a liquid shampoo. Now, I need to wet the shampoo bar and stroke the juice on my scalp, using my palm. Running the shampoo bar through your hair is not advisable, else, you’ll end up with messy shampoo bar with hair sticking on it.

There’s nothing really special about Beauty Glamour Ph shampoo bar when it comes to its functionality; that is, to clean your hair and scalp. It doesn’t have the silky finish right after rinsing even it’s being marketed as a shampoo AND conditioner. Yes, it feels clean after rinsing but you still need to use a separate conditioner for that silky after wash feeling. (Rejoice Shampoo is the only shampoo that I don’t pair up with a conditioner).

Some items for improvement though are the following:

  1. Consider making a conditioner bar.
  2. Why not make a shampoo cube that we can dilute instead?

They say that a 150 grams shampoo bar can last up to 80 washes! That’s around two and a half months of use if a person takes a bath once a day or around one and a half months of use if a person takes a bath twice a day. You’ll be saving at least one bottle of a 150 ml-shampoo per month or 12 bottles per person per year!

If you’re an environmentalist, you must try Beauty Glamour Ph shampoo and conditioner.