Toddlers and Homeworks

"Mommy, this one is tiring!"

“Mama, this one is tiring!”

My three-year and a half year-old son is enjoying school but his homeworks are setting him off the mood every weekend. Last Friday, Adi’s assignments were for the subjects Mathematics, Language and Writing. Adi loves to color but hates to hold a pencil so writing is a torture for him. His tiny fingers cannot hold a pencil well.

As usual, Adi had a load of reasons on why he should not make his homework. He pointed at the air-conditioner and complained that the room was too cold so I turned it off. I asked him to proceed with his homework. After a few strokes, he complained that the room was too hot so I turned on the air-conditioner.

He asked me to take a look at his right eye and asked me if it was red. I did not give in so he thought of another tactic like complaining that he was sleepy. I told him that he could sleep once he’s done with his homeworks. He raised his right arm and blurted out that his armpit was itchy!

Then, I remembered that he was very excited every time he gets stars from his teacher. So I told him that teacher would be very happy to give him stars on Monday if he would finish his homeworks. Like a magic word, Adi finished his homeworks enthusiastically. That was the trick, positive reinforcement. Adi was motivated to do the job because of his strong desire to take home a star or two.