Lovespell Is Not The Scent For Me

When you’re inside an air-conditioned office that holds at least 80 employees, chances are, there will always be instances of mixed up scents in the air. It’s amazing how some people find some scents appealing while I find them disgusting!

I love Victoria’s Secret scents EXCEPT Lovespell. There’s something in Lovespell that makes me want to puke. The scent is just too strong for me.

Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea is one of the best scents for me. It’s simple and natural.

For colognes, I still go for Nenuco and Angel’s Breath. Johnson’s Baby Cologne is also good; the manufacturers just need to reduce the strong alcohol smell.

On men’s cologne, I just hate Axe deo-cologne! The scent is just too strong. But Axe is very good in advertising. I remember Ben Affleck’s “One Click For One Flirt” commercial. Message, a man as sexy as Ben Affleck is not sexy enough when he stands side-by-side with an ordinary man who uses Axe. Nice ad!

I think that the trick in buying colognes or perfumes is to check on the chemistry of the scent and your body. And make sure that you don’t overspray your perfume.