Beware of

I chanced upon this link about Donald Freeman:

I have a personal story about Donald. I met him through an online dating site in 2008 when I was at the height of being experimental when it comes to finding my true love. We exchanged friendly letters for two weeks in February 2008. According to him, he was born on January 5, 1969 to Dr. Dones Freeman and Monica Barrister. He has two sisters, Clara and Catherine. He works for the IWCA and holds office in USA, UK and Germany.

He offered me a job either in USA or UK for the purpose of “starting our life together” in either country. Whoa! He was not even my online bf yet when he offered that. With much apprehensions, I told him that I am fine living in my home country with my family and we need to establish a relationship first before taking that big step.

He then became uninterested on me. I thought that he got interested on some horny women on the net. (How many poor and innocent women took his bait?)

Donald Freeman, if that is his real name, even sent me his picture. He doesn’t look like a 39-year old man. He looks like somebody in his 50’s. Btw, he claimed to be from Louiseville, Kentucky and is part-Native American.

I hope to hear from the other ladies who encountered him online.

Prepaid Card Modus Operandi

Don’t fall prey! If someone who claims to be your friend asks for prepaid card or cellphone load, be wary! He/she could not be your friend he/she is projecting to be.

My friend’s YM was hacked several months ago and I didn’t receive her warning about the fake one who’s asking prepaid load from the people in her YM list. The fake one chats with whoever is online and pretends very well that she is the real one. The fake one knows that the real one is abroad and has a wide circle of friends in the Philippines that includes me.

The fake one chatted with a common friend who’s based in Singapore, but was on vacation leave in the Philippines, to ask a favor. The fake one requested our common friend to send her 50 pieces of Globe prepaid card worth PhP500.00. Fortunately, our common friend was in a tight budget due to his wedding preparation. But unfortunately, our common friend referred me to the fake one thinking that she was the real one.

Our common friend texted me and gave me the fake one’s roaming number. I was in the middle of a trip but I texted that number since our common friend said that it was urgent and important. The fake one replied and asked for 50 pieces of Globe prepaid cards worth Php500.00 and she would pay me through my bank account the next day. I didn’t read the text message clear enough and thinking that it was only one piece, me and my companion rushed to the Globe prepaid card outlet to buy one. Just when the salesgirl was about to hand me over the card, I re-read the fake one’s message and realized that she was asking for 50 and not a piece of prepaid card. I only had PhP3,000 in my wallet at that time and the additional PhP23,000 was impossible to produce for the following reasons:

1. it was holiday in the Philippines on December 26 and the banks were close

2. I was on a tight financial budget to be able to give her that amount of Globe loads

But since she was a dear friend, a friend from wayback primary school and also my mother’s friend, I asked her if I could give her 20 pieces of Globe load instead. She said that it was fine but I had to speed up since her customers in her area were asking for Globe load. Like a friend’s intuition, I wondered when she started having an eye for business? She was never the type who would push a friend to give her favors, too. I wondered why she didn’t greet me “Merry Christmas” just the way she always did in the past. I decided to call Globe Customer Service hotline to check whether the number is roaming or not. It was not registered to be a roaming number but the number was unreachable when I tried to make a call.

It was a Friday when that incident happened and I promised the fake one that she’ll receive the Globe cards on Monday. What made her believable was she knew the real one’s YM ID and even asked me to have a chat with her. But her ignorance of the real one’s MSN ID was a give-away that she was not really the real one. At this time, me and my companion were playing games with the devil.

Sunday afternoon, I tried to contact the real one’s mother’s contact number but her mother replied the following day. She was surprised to know that the fake one is still actively pursuing for preys and she was glad that I didn’t fall into the fake one’s trap.

That same afternoon, I received a sort of follow up text from the fake one to verify if the cards can be delivered to her on Monday. I affirmed and asked her how her lovelife with ASG is going. ASG was recently married to our common friend and I expected her to react. But instead, the fake one said that I received the news about her and ASG very fast!

The following day, after a series of follow up text messages from the fake one, I told her that I only got 15 pieces of prepaid card and I was on the way to their house. This time, she said that I should not bother going to her house since she’s abroad. I acted surprised and told her that I could still go so that I could visit her mother.She said that since it was urgent, I should send her the cards’ PIN before going to their house. I replied naughtily,”You expect me to send all those 15 PIN’s? It would be easier for me to just give the cards to your mother and have her send the PIN’s to you.” She asked for my bank account number and I told her that she could send it thru Western Union.

After three hours, the fake one asked me if I could send the PIN thru text message. I told her that I gave the cards to her surprised mother. The fake one did not text anymore up to this day. She must have realized that I knew she was a fake.

My realizations:

  1. That we should not open malicious links that could give the hackers our important passwords.
  2. That we should be careful when using public computer terminal and remember to log out everytime we’re done.
  3. That it is alright to delay a favor if it means saving ourself from the hassles and pains of being duped.
  4. That we should trust our intuitions:if something seems not right, it probably is really not right.

Family First,Berkley,Danvil

Let me first tell you that I am not a regular visitor at the mall. Malling is the farthest thing that I’ll do when bored. So,yes, maybe I’m one of those naïve mall-goers who is an easy prey for determined sales agent.


This incident happened in SM-North EDSA last week. A neatly-dressed guy approached me and my friend and asked me if I have a credit card. I said yes and he replied that because of that, I’m entitled for one scratch-card coupon and one free movie ticket. He said that I could win a computer set or an N-70 cellphone. Being a thrill-seeker that I am, I tried. The neatly-dressed guy brought us to their office at the 4th floor. (We took the elevator, still unsuspicious of the real game behind this.)


He introduced me to a woman who must be their receptionist. The receptionist got my full name and birthday. I was informed that there would be a 45-minute presentation. Worried about how my friend would react to her 45-minute waiting time for me, I swayed her to join me in the presentation. So, just like me, she was given a scratch-card coupon minus the free movie ticket.(The neatly-dressed guy forgot to give her the free movie ticket.)


Truth was, I was thinking of leaving the presentation once I get bored but to my surprise, it was just a one-on-one presentation where a sales agent presents their product. (So, that made it difficult for me to leave the presentation.)My friend had another sales agent and she was seated two tables away from me. That made it very strategic for them to capitalize on their sales talking.


The sales agent lectured about financial investments, asked about my dreams and aspirations in life and let me fill up a form which I believe is an application form. She was very enthusiastic and sympathetic and I noticed that every time we agree upon something, she would shake my hand. I was offered coffee. It was like a normal business meeting. At this point, I was still trusting.


In the middle of our discussion, she asked me if I have any idea on where our discussion is heading to. I told her that since she’s mentioning finances most of the time, then it must be a pension plan or an insurance plan. She said that their product is better than an insurance plan or a pension plan because it’s a trust fund.


I asked her how to invest on their trust fund and to summarize, here’s how it is.


  1. Customer fills up an application form. Only 21-59 years old are entitled to join.
  2. Customer swipes his credit card to open an account. Prices range from 7,000 to 13,000. If your credit card does not have enough fund, the sales agent will declare that your application is declined.
  3. If your credit card has enough fund, sales agent will announce that you’re already a member.
  4. Sales agent gives the contract to the customer.
  5. Customer signs the contract. Depending upon the agreement, 1000-1800 pesos will be auto-debited monthly from the credit card.

She asked me to go with her in a small room with a credit card swiping machine. I sensed that something was not right. I reasoned out that my credit card has no funds and I went out of the swiping room. She persuaded me to still swipe my credit card. Perhaps, she was thinking that I still have funds in my credit card. She was right. I was just making an alibi.


I told her that at that point, I am undecided. Her supervisor joined us in the discussion. The two of them seemed to gang up on me to sway me. I was firm in my decision not to pursue the application.


The supervisor seemed to blame me for the failed deal. I told her that I appreciate their presentation and asked for a reschedule for the payment. The supervisor said that that is not possible because it’s just a one-time promo. She said that the moment I get out of the room with a failed application, I could no longer qualify for another one. I challenged her and cited a hypothetical situation wherein my mother, brother or father would apply and make me as their beneficiary. She told me that that is not possible because a client with a declined application cannot be anyone else’s beneficiary.


It was already 9 PM then and I frankly yet politely told them that the 45-minute presentation ate my traveling time already that is why I have to leave. She gave up on me. Unfortunately, my friend was convinced by her sales agent and it was too late for me to warn her.(I saw her being escorted in the swiping room by two sales agent.)


She swiped her credit card for the 7,000 opening account. I waited for another 45 minutes for her to finish her application. When we were heading home, she asked me why my application was declined, as what the other agents told her. I corrected that it was me who firmly decided not to pursue the application. She was very disappointed and she thought that she was harassed and pressured to open an account with Berkley. I promised her that we’ll try to fix her concerns the following day. (That’s another story.)