Why Ruel Cabatingan is a Douche!

Now that half of the dust is settled, we all know by now that the killer of Ruby and Nicole Gamos are none other than the former’s lover. Ruel is said to be Ruby and husband Marlon’s kababata so he is no stranger to the widower. It now makes sense why there was no force entry on the Gamos’ residence because the killer lived with his victims until that fateful night. The subdivision’s security system was even put under public scrutiny; looking for lapses and clues.
The public’s heart goes out to Marlon Gamos for having to endure another painful episode in his life. He was an ordinary citizen that was accidentally put into the spotlight for all the wrong and scandalous reasons. Reasons that could have been prevented had there was self-control on the side of Ruby and Ruel.
My take on what could have happened is this: yes, Ruel did kill Ruby and Nicole not out of spontaneous jealousy but maybe because Ruby wanted to end their illicit affair as she was looking forward to her church wedding with Marlon. Ruby probably came to her senses that agreeing to a church wedding would mean moral responsibility to preserve her marriage. This did not sit well with Ruel.
Why do I say that Ruel Cabatingan is a douche?
1. Ruel did not respect the BROTHERHOOD code. He knew Marlon all the way since they were teenagers. I don’t know if Marlon stole Ruby from Ruel when Ruel and Ruby were sweethearts but it’s clear that Ruel and Ruby cheated on Marlon and carried an illicit affair. A brother does not steal his brother’s wife because he knows that brotherhood and honour are synonymous with each other.
2. Ruel left his family to be with Ruby. Now, I am basing this from stories that Ruel is a married man with wife and kids. A decent man does not leave his wife and then start living with another man’s wife and daughter. Because Ruel is a douche, he didn’t care about his wife’s feelings. He didn’t care about his children’s well-being. He didn’t care about Nicole’s welfare. He simply cared what was between his legs!
3. Ruel took advantage of Ruby’s vulnerability. An affair always starts with a friendly chat. It’s up to a person if he or she will level it up from platonic to romantic relationship. Ruel, being a douche, knew how lonely Ruby was. He played on her emotions. While I don’t doubt that there was love between them,that love was so wrong to begin with and Ruel could have stayed away from temptation. He knew Ruby’s vulnerabilities and strength; they were ex-sweethearts in the first place.
4. Ruel deserves a life sentence for killing Nicole. A gentleman does not hit a woman but because Ruel is a douche, he killed an adult and a young child who cannot defend herself. To add insult to injury, he claimed in his now deactivated Facebook account that Nicole is his daughter! What a douche! That’s parricide, moron! I personally believe that Nicole is Marlon’s daughter because of the timeline of circumstances prior to her birth.
5. Ruel loves the mug shot. Who does he think he is? Gong Yoo? I’ve seen mug shots of criminals with lesser offense and here is this douche who’s being charged with murder, smiling happily as if “wala lang!”

My sympathy and prayers for Marlon for him to overcome this tragedy.