Missing Boy: Ram Ram

I fail to write down his mother’s name and his full name, too but this three year-old boy named Ram Ram has been on the news since early this week. His family name sounds like they’re Muslim.

The little boy was with his yaya when an unidentified woman approached them and introduced herself as a relative. She borrowed Ram Ram from the yaya and told her that she would just be buying ice. The kidnapper did not return prompting the yaya to text Ram Ram’s mother about the incident.

The mother was hysterical. She lost her youngest child last year and she admitted that she has not yet moved on. With Ram Ram, it’s a bigger tragedy because she doesn’t know where the little boy is and what intentions the evil kidnapper had on her mind. My heart goes out to Ram Ram’s mother. I am a mother, too and a very protective one.

The yaya was put in jail for charges of negligence. Could she be part of the kidnapping? Was she too trusting or she was just too gullible?

We can only hope that the CCTV camera from a nearby warehouse can unlock the mystery on who really took the boy. Personal interest or syndicate, what that person did is KIDNAPPING and she or they should pay for it!

Let us be vigilant, people. If somebody from your neighborhood suddenly appears with a three-year old boy, it would be helpful to contact the police to conduct an investigation if who they have with them is Ram Ram.


August 29, 2017 Update:

Seven years after I wrote this article, Ram Ram is on the news again. His mother thinks that Ram Ram is in the hands of the Maute group and is being groomed as a child warrior.   =(



September 5, 2017 Update:

Ram Ram is said to be reunited with his parents. What a happy ending!

Help Find Allen

I chanced upon http://www.helpfindallen.blogspot.com/ on Pinoy Exchange last Saturday, February 13, 2010. I checked the updates this morning and I’m disappointed and saddened that this young man is still missing for reasons that even his family could not decipher.

How could a sensitive young man just disappear without apparent trace? Nobody seemed to see him on the night that he disappeared; not a taxi driver, not a co-worker, not a police officer, not a stranger. According to his close friends, it is very un-Allen if he would just run away without informing his family or rather if he would put his family into deep worries. His mom has heart problems; a good son won’t bring troubles to his ailing parent.

I talked about Allen (who’s so much of a stranger to me) with my husband last night. Something about his disappearance just keeps bugging me. Are we safe in our daily route to and from work or school? Can we trust the people around us?

Allen and I are total strangers from each other and we don’t live on the same neighborhood. The least that I can do is to spread http://www.helpfindallen.blogspot.com/ so that people may be aware that Allen is missing.