Blessings and Misfortunes

Share your blessings if you are really grateful to the Lord!

Share your blessings if you are really grateful to the Lord!

Since January 2013, I made it a habit to count my daily blessings and misfortunes. Life is a balance of yin and yang so counting my misfortunes will help me to be realistic about what I want for tomorrow.

Food, money, good health, good relationship, my family and love are among the daily blessings that make me feel good. Blessings are meant to be shared, not hoarded. One may feel so blessed for attaining good things in life but he/she will feel more ecstatic once the blessing is shared with those who are in need.

Annoying personalities, sickness and unplanned expenses are the usual misfortunes that I encounter. Misfortunes remind me to be cool about the things that are beyond my control. Misfortunes somehow tell me that no matter how great a person is, he/she still needs God for guidance.

Proverbs 27:1 reminds me to be humble and to surrender myself to the will of the Lord because nobody knows what tomorrow will bring to us. It’s like, who am I to boast about my royal life today when I’ll be a pauper tomorrow? Or, why will I be in despair today for being a nobody when tomorrow, I will be a somebody?