Surviving The 2nd Trimester

At the beginning of my fourth month, the nausea and afternoon sickness slowly faded away. Good thing, I was not prone to emotional breakdowns. I kept my composure despite the pressures at work and at home. I religiously took my folic acid vitamin until the fifth month. Folic acid is essential in brain development of the fetus. At this time, I could still wear my old clothes. I had a strong aversion to onions and garlic so cooking was a torture!

During the later weeks of the fifth month up to the sixth month, my body seemed to be adjusting well to the pregnancy. I could now tolerate the smell of strong scents. I noticed that my skin got dry so I used coco butter from HBC. I became prone to skin itching due to the dry skin so I changed my regular soap to a hypo-allergenic and moisture-rich one. Back pains and leg cramps were becoming an issue so my OB-gyne prescribed 1000 mgs of Calcebone per day.

I had my laboratory exam taken and I found out that my hemoglobin was lower than the normal. My OB-gyne prescribed 1000 mgs of Iberet per day. I started drinking two glasses of Enfamama per day and my tummy went big after only two weeks. I wore my first maternity clothes in January, at sixth months. I was never a fan of maternity clothes and I felt funny wearing one. But wearing my old blouses made me feel uncomfortable as I hated to see my tummy bulging prominently.

Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer

If you’re suffering from dry skin due to the change in weather (it’s ber-month!) but can’t decide which facial moisturizer to choose from a variety of products available in the market, why don’t you try Celeteque Hydration facial moisturizer? It comes in gel form and is non-greasy. It is also hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

I am on my 4th month of pregnancy. As much as I’m happy with Pond’s Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing cream, anti-ageing products are a no-no to pregnant women.

With Celeteque, my skin feels hydrated and supple. It is light and non-greasy; you don’t feel like wearing a moisturizer. 😉

The Reluctant Mom

I just found out that I am one month on the family way. Mixed emotions. I texted my husband, he must be too busy, he’s not yet replying. I texted my sister-in-law, she replied quickly, excited about the good news. I texted a friend whose wife has just given birth to their second child. I will inform my father about it later in the evening, then my brothers, then my children. I don’t know how Adi will react to the good news. He’s the baby of the family, the beloved, the most special one. I, myself, am confused about my emotions. I always belittle my capabilities as a parent and I always have this thought that raising a child is not my core competency. My husband and I have plans of having another child in a year or two; reading the test pack result stunned me.

Anyways, I decided to document this pregnancy. This is my first month. I feel sleepy most of the time since last week. I feel that my temperature is up sometimes. I feel a dull pain on my lower left abdomen. That’s the weird thing about pregnancies, it will make you lose weight on the first trimester then it will make you gain weight on the second and third trimester. I will stick to my diet plan. I promise NEVER to gain so much weight on this pregnancy.

A Baby Is A Blessing

Whether you’re 18 or 38 when you had your baby, consider it as a blessing. Not all 18 or 38 year olds are capable of having a baby.

Whether you’re struggling in life or very stable in life when you had your baby, consider it as a blessing. A baby becomes an inspiration of a struggling mother and a baby completes the comfortable life of a wealthy mother.

Whether your husband or boyfriend welcomes your baby or not, consider your baby as a blessing. An irresponsible father and unloving husband should never be a barrier to continue with your pregnancy. An excited father and loving husband should lessen your fears of pregnancy and childbirth.

A baby is a blessing, not a burden. We don’t treat something/someone we love as a burden if we don’t love them. How can the smiles of a baby be a burden if it brings joy to a mother’s heart? A baby is a blessing, not a burden.

He So Loves Children

Miel is very fond of kids. He loves my two-year-old niece. That girl is very much a brat! She loves playing pranks on her sitter. Miel aims to “tame” her. Lol! Miel loves my daughter, too. He treats her like his own. But his greatest dream is to have our Brad next year. Brad is the name of our future baby.

Pregnancy thoughts keep me occupied since Wednesday. I knew I was not careful with my pregnancies before. The first one resulted to a healthy baby though. The second pregnancy was not successful, a blighted ovum as the OB-Gyne said.

It was not accidental why it was unsuccessful. I was not careful at that time. It left me scarred with regrets and painful memories. Miel asked me to forget all the bad things that happened to me. I told him that I fear not being able to give him a child. He said that my fears are baseless, that I am healthy, ovulating and will be a mother again next year.

I was with two men who feared the responsibilities of being a father. Then now, I am with Miel who so love to be a father not just to our future kid but to my kid as well.