Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

You were the wind beneath my wings.

You were my source of strength and inspiration.

You never gave up on me.

You always loved me.

You did a good job raising all of us.

You never asked anything in return for your kindness.

You brightened up a gloomy room with your animated stories.

You were the life of the party and a gracious hostess, too.

People loved you because you loved them, too.

I wish we had more time together.

Those years with you were the sweetest years I ever had.

It took me a long time to get used to not expecting a text message from you.

I even came to the point of texting your old number and then waited for a reply.

Happy mother’s day, Mama, you will always be remembered.

Life is too short for someone as good as you.

You called me a “superwoman” but in reality that was you.

Because you had a heart as big as infinity.

I miss you so much, see you in my dreams.

Happy mother’s day again, I love you so much!

From Friendship Game to Love Game

Written for a fictional character in June 6, 1996.

I used to play the game of friendship

I don’t want commitment and relationship

I considered love as something wicked

For the many hearts it deceived


Years have passed so easy

I became the source of pain for somebody

I did not consider his wounded heart

He who was true from the start


About last year, another player came

And so I thought, he could be another game

But he was quite different from the rest

His unique qualities made him the best


I pined and dreamed for his company

A no-strings attached relationship, actually

I can’t afford to lose this game

But I had no idea he was thinking of the same


Everything went on smoothly

Except that I’m falling in love with him terribly

Oh, why can’t I live without him now?

I can’t tell myself why or how


So I decided to call it quits

I don’t see myself as somebody sweet

He is melting my whole self bit by bit

It’s time for love to take a back seat

Before I could speak anything

He kissed my lips in total passion

Perhaps he sensed what I was thinking

My heart-of-stone is melting in this romantic union


Yes, I used to play the game of friendship

But ours is now an everlasting relationship

His love made my heart open and tame

We are now on the same level of playing the love game


Moments Slip Away But Not The Memory

You asked me if I love you.

I said that it doesn’t really matter.

Hurt, you questioned why.

I said “Because you should ask me or I should ask you —until when?”

You laughed. I was not sure if it was a nervous laugh.

You asked me a lot of questions about the past.

Some were the same questions that you have asked before.

You were reminiscing the past just as I was.

There was a time when we had our own dimension and time zone.

That area where our adult self met with our young self.

Having that kind of special relationship made me ecstatic.

That kind of relationship when only our past life was committed

There were days when reality reminded us that the past that we had was not really ours to begin with.

There was silence in between conversations.

We created another memory of each other; erasing the ones we had in the past.

But this memory was the final among the happy memories that we had.

Indeed, moments slip away, but not the memories.

Go Where The Love Is

If I don’t communicate with you as often as before, don’t take it against you.

Don’t feel guilty if we’re drifting apart.

It’s just the natural life cycle of everything.

The beginning and the end.

But that disconnection has nothing to do with you.

It is just that I don’t want to force a connection when it’s no longer there.

I always go where the love is.

I know that you do not hate me.

I know that you feel sorry, too.

But we must accept that even the best of friendships fade.

It is as natural as the blooming of a flower then its withering.

Sometimes, it’s like the seasons– time will tell when closeness will happen again.

So we must not hold a grudge against each other.

If the hi’s and hello’s become as rare as the Halley’s comet.

Even nature has its own timing for everything.

So why take an effort to question everything.

Just walk away and go where the love is.

People are so obsessed about connections.

Be it a friend, a family, an office mate or a boss.

You can’t fake rapport when it isn’t there.

Just go on with your daily purpose and enjoy life.

Enjoy life in solitude like the way you do it in multitude.

Enjoy it with people who love you back.

Because always, people who love each other do not force happiness.

So go where the love is.



The Fish

Swimming and swirling inside the aquarium
Until a spectator caught its attention
Eye to eye, they connected
Heart to heart, they understood each other

Swimming and swirling inside the fake corals
Waiting and watching for the spectator
Until finally the feeds were given
It can now eat and sleep peacefully thereafter

Swimming and swirling inside the aquarium
Proving to the spectator that it could also fly
The air is cold, the surroundings are dry
The fish is out of the water at last

The spectator took the little creature elsewhere
Aware of the danger; the lack of water could bring
The fish trusted him, though dizzy and weak
It could see the pearls of the ocean so deep

The fish and the spectator watch each other
The former is sick and dying the other one is experimenting
Finally, the latter put it back to where it belongs
To the walled spaces of the aquarium where he could just look on