Ploning is Juday and Juday is Ploning

When I heard that Juday was gonna make an indie film, my initial reaction was, “Bakit?”

Why, Juday, will you resort to making indie films? Is Star Cinema not interested in giving you projects anymore? Is ABS-CBN giving more priority to rising stars like Kim Chiu and Bea Alonzo?

It was just like, something was not right! It’s not because indie films are inferior in quality as compared to those produced by the big movie companies like Regal, Star Cinema and GMA Films. But rather, it’s the common perception that no big stars should accept an indie movie offer!

And what’s the title of her indie movie? Ploning? What about Ploning?

Just to end my curiosity, I watched Ploning on DVD last night. The film started with a couple making out in a dimly-lit shack. Oh, okay, fine with the Cuyanon folk song that served as the background music. During this time, I was exchanging text messages with a friend; I was still not focused on the movie.

It was the fiesta scene, the one with Juday’s smiling face, that captured my interest to stay focused on the film. Her face was a pleasant scene to watch: simple, seductive, sweet and charming. Slowly, I was seeing myself in the character that she portrayed, Ploning.

Just like Ploning, I am a woman who’s still in-love with the man who left and never came back. Just like Ploning, I am a true friend who never judges, only understands. Just like Ploning, I was emotionally estranged from my father for a while. Just like Ploning, I keep some details in my personal life private. Just like Ploning, I loved and I lost the man that I loved. Before I knew it, I was already crying. I even forgot to reply to my friend’s text messages.

There are other moving scenes in the movie that will surely make you cry. It’s for you to see it. I can only relate to one character and that is Ploning.

Juday is Ploning and Ploning is Juday. The movie was vindicated from my early criticism about Juday accepting an indie film. It’s a movie worth watching for.