Resort Review: Malamig Park Resort

Well, as the name implies, this resort is simply cool! If you feel that its rival resorts in Pandi, Bulacan like Sitio Antonio and Amana Water Park are just too crowded, you must try Malamig Park Resort in Malamig, Bustos, Bulacan. It is just a 15-20 minutes drive from Amana and it is said to be one of the pioneer resorts in the area.

The Good:

Pushcarts are available at the ticket area so you won’t worry about carrying your things around. Entrance fee for adult is only PhP 180 and PhP 150 for the children. The path going to the cottages has some slope so the idea of providing pushcart is good unless getting tired carrying your things is your type. Corkage fee applies to liquor and soda so don’t attempt to sneak one in. Don’t worry, prices of goods inside are lower as compared to the other resorts.

There are many cottages to choose from so if you’re in a budget, you can try the lowest cottage at PhP 300. It can accommodate up to 8 people. Sinks are available nearby and as well as barbecue grill for free! There are garbage bins per cottage.

There are several restrooms and shower rooms available; it’s up to you to choose which part of the resort you want to take your shower.

The pools are big and plenty to choose from. I believe that this is a child-friendly resort because most of the pools cater to the children. I’ve only seen one pool with up to 7-feet deep. The swimming pools do not smell of strong chlorine and the water is freely flowing. There are at least 3 jacuzzi pools for those who wish to just relax in an area. The wave pool is enjoyable and safe.

There are many trees on the area and it gives you that provincial vibe. The staff are courteous and approachable.

For Improvement:

When I said that the staff are courteous and approachable, I meant it for the young lady at the ticket booth and for the staff who assisted us going to the cottage. The rest of the staff like the lifeguard were unknown to me simply because nobody seemed to wear any uniform so it was hard to tell if that person sitting on the lifeguard chair was an employee or simply one of us who got tired and sit down to rest. There is a disclaimer, by the way, that people should not be swimming alone so I assume that the lack of lifeguards is compensated by this very bold warning.

While garbage bins are everywhere at the cottage area, the same cannot be said for the shower area. The shower area near the Octopus pool and the one near the River pool do not have available garbage bins. The shower areas look secluded and the paranoid in me imagine somebody is on the next shower cubicle!

There is moss accumulation on the slides at the River pool that makes it unsanitary. Consider cleaning the slides during the pool’s next clean up.

Don’t expect henna tattoo booth, massage booth and even an ice cream booth inside the resort because they don’t have it in there. Anyway, these are just nice-to-haves but the resort can survive with the basics like a store selling some snacks, water and other basic things.

The Review: 3 out of 5 star

For a price of PhP180, don’t expect too many nice-to-haves. The resort has a certain old and provincial appeal that makes it worth your next trip. Don’t swim alone and enjoy the resort in group.