Maguindanao Massacre On DVD

Gross! That’s how I feel about it. It is reported that some DVD vendors are selling the Maguindanao Massacre for PhP100. It reportedly contains the burying of the victims’ cadaver. Who exactly videotaped the incident and how the DVD leaked is still a puzzle. I can understand the evilness of the one who videotaped it as he is (and all the rest who participated in the killing) Satan incarnated. From the start, we know how they are capable of hurting and killing people. What I do not understand is how some people, the vendors and suppliers, are making profit at other people’s misery. These people, (the victims of the massacre), were harassed, tortured, mutilated, maybe even raped and murdered much worse than an animal. These suppliers and vendors are not empathic with the victims’ family. Then they would claim that they are just making money to earn a living? Oh, well…making money at other people’s misery.