The World Is Not A Sweet Place To Live In

After what happened to my father, (see my previous post) I no longer feel safe in the company of familiar faces and strangers. It’s pretty hard to regain my trust because our family experienced it first hand: never be too trusting to strangers and friends for your best friend could even be your worst enemy later.

I live a simple life in the countryside. I have a rewarding career, a loving fiance’ and a company of few close friends that I trust. It’s very different from the life that my family lives on the other side of this region. One thing that I hate is our lack of privacy. It’s not that I loathe entertaining visitors but when it becomes a daily activity, it becomes a burden on our part.

I realize that not all who comes to our house is a friend. Some are just acquaintances. I made it clear to my future husband that my number one house rule is NOBODY SHALL INVADE OUR PRIVACY. For someone who grew up in a company of different kinds of people, I think at least one person could relate to my sentiments.

One thing that I hate in myself is my too trusting attitude. I forgot that there are vultures and snakes around and that the world is not a wide playground with merry-go-round, swings and see-saws. I tend to forget that we’re all here to survive, step on one another and push until we leave the weaker ones behind. I tend to forget that the reality of life is not always about camaraderie and unity; there is always that one big agenda at the back of one’s mind why he/she appears to be friendly or helpful. Yeah, there are still some really good people around. But the majority are just fakes. After all, the world is not a sweet place to live in. We’re all here to survive.

Jollibee San Jose-Balanga City Entrapment Operation?

Source: Manila Bulletin

3 suspected extortionists arrested in Bataan

BALANGA CITY, Bataan — Three suspected members of an alleged extortion group were arrested
the other day by the Provincial Intelligence Bureau led by Chief Inspector Cesar M. Lumiwes
after they were caught in the act of extorting money from a lady trader inside a fast food
annex, here. Sr. Supt. Manuel R. Gaerlan, Bataan police director, identified the suspects
as Eduardo dela Cruz, 58, of Talisay, here; Gil Sumandal, 38, of Pagalanggang, Dinalupihan
town; and Ramon Arellano, 49, of Tenejero, Balanga. Gaerlan said the suspects were arrested
one at a time based on the complaint of Emelita Funilas Aquino, sister of village chieftain
Ludy Funilas, both of Barangay Lucanin, Mariveles, Bataan, whom the group allegedly threatened
to kill since last Feb. 15 through text messages to extort money. Gaerlan said that on the
afternoon of Feb. 26, Aquino sought police assistance for the possible entrapment and arrest
of the suspects that continuously communicated. \”With this development, the operating team
set-up an entrapment operation and used ‘mark money’ amounting to RR50,000 which is equivalent
to the amount being demanded by the suspects,\” said Gaerlan. (Mar Supnad)

Now, what\’s my involvement in the story above? BIG! One of the suspected extortionist is my FATHER. I will not talk about the case because I don\’t want to preempt the case but I will just give my piece about this issue.

1. My father does not need to resort to extortion to have some money. My brother and I provide for their needs.
2. One of the policemen remarked that my father was involved in the extortion activity because my mother is sick. Bullshit! How can that be when me and my brother provide for her medical needs? Eh deh sana di na lang kami nagpakakuba sa trabaho kung may easy money naman. I am deeply offended by this accusation. Mr. Policeman, I\’ve relayed this message to two of your colleagues that your theory is not fair. Nabubuhay kami ng marangal sa marangal na hanapbuhay.
3. The complainant Emelita Funilas Aquino is Kapitan Ludy\’s sister. Kapitan Ludy was a frequent visitor in our home. Kapitan, why on earth would you involve my father in such a difficult situation? How can you implicate someone who\’s not into illegal activities? If my father is into illegal activities, he should have done it years back when our life was much harder and when he was still younger.

I know that just like any ordinary person, some people love my father and some people hate him. But to resort to this whole drama just because of hatred is difficult for me to understand.

Manila Bulletin, I understand that your report was done last Friday when a \”battalion\” of policemen arrived at our home to arrest my father. (Gil and Ramon were arrested in Jollibee San Jose) I would like to correct that the case was not robbery/extortion or extortion but GRAVE THREAT.

As of this writing, my father is out on bail. (Miel and I raised the fund. Baka isipin na naman na may maimpluwensyang taong tumulong. Leche!)Friends and relatives came to our home to give moral support. Maraming salamat po at sabay-sabay naman tayong manalangin para maipalabas ang katotohanan.

A Few Will Cry On My Funeral

Marky Cielo’s untimely demise definitely affected a lot of people; fan or not. Aside from being the first minority to reach star status in local showbiz, the boy was also good-natured. He had this charismatic aura that easily attracted people.

His star shone brighter in death. Proof of this is the long queue of mourning fans, friends, colleagues, former classmates, relatives and family. If we could only collect all the tears shed because of his death, it could have been a bucket full of tears in a day.

There are several speculations about the rootcause of his death. Was there foulplay? Was it suicide? Was it acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis? All I know is that his time on this life has ended to start a life beyond this life.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I would receive the same amount of mourning when my day on this life would end. How many people will cry on my funeral? One, two, ten? It makes me think that I want people to remember me as someone who touched their life in a positive way. I want to die leaving a good impression by having been a good citizen, friend, wife, mother, sister and employee. Maybe a few will cry on my funeral but I will leave a lot of people whose lives I touched.

More Than A Decade Late

He went back to her life after 14 years. They were childhood sweethearts. She’s now engaged to her boyfriend of four years. She’s confused. She feels that she loves them both. But he’s more than a decade late to express his love.

I am in a similar position with my officemate. I have someone in my life that I know I can’t be mine because he’s committed to his girlfriend. During the time that he was free, I was the one who was not free. When the time came that I was free, he was the one who was not free. Funny how fate played a trick on us.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, someone better comes into your life even if you’re very much committed to your partner. Fidelity comes first to me than personal satisfaction.There must be a reason why fate played a trick on us. If this world is parallel to another world somewhere, maybe there’s a chance for us to express our feelings where nobody will be hurt and feel betrayed.




There are times when everything that happens in your life is so unexpected; you
barely have time to think if you are doing the right thing.When it comes to matters
of the heart, I have learned to be wiser after two failed relationships that left me
emotionally broken. There was a time when I thought, I could be single forever and
I wouldn’t really care. But as they say, love is like a thief in the night; you’ll
never know when it will come.

Unexpectedly, I came across this man five years my junior. He was just a casual
acquiantance; we didn’t even start with hi’s and hello’s; just very casual. Until now,
I can’t remember how I met him, how he looked like before and how we treated each
other. But then, we were destined to know each other better.It was so instant; a few
weeks back,he reconnected with me; he smiled at me and I did the same.

When he invited me for dinner, I thought that he was just another one-date-man. (I earned
the reputation of not having second-dates if the first date was not impressive!)
We had a wonderful evening that lead to something deeper and more serious. He divulged
that he has always been in love with me. It was a revelation that surprised me because
he never appeared interested in me.

Then, the unexpected thing happened; I gave him a chance. I told him that after my
traumatic relationships, I am not ready for commitment and true love. He said that he’d
be willing to wait until I’m emotionally settled. Unexpectedly, I didn’t object.

He does things that endear him to me. He’s naive and sweet; very different from the
previous men in my life. He loves me like a teenager who believes in fairy-tales.
I forgot that I was once a teenager, he let me feel again the feeling of being young
and in love.

I am aware that he cannot give me the material comforts that my previous relationships
provided. But is love all about money? Isn’t it about compatibility and happiness?
Isn’t it about co-dependency? Isn’t it about rowing the boat together? Unexpectedly,
I am willing to gamble on him. I am willing to give him a chance to prove himself.
Unexpectedly, I think I am falling in love with him…..