KFC Commercial

I can’t help but shed a tear every time I watch Sid Lucero’s KFC commercial about siblings who can’t get along with each other. Sid’s role is that of the eldest child who’s probably the family’s breadwinner or maybe the one in-charge of the household in the absence of their father who’s not seen on the commercial. The second child, perhaps a college girl, asks for her kuya’s permission if she could use his car. The kuya (Sid) reacts negatively and even scolds their youngest sibling about forgetting to power off his computer. The siblings are busy reacting to each other’s concerns; unaware of their mother’s walking out of their house. When the siblings realize that they might have offended their mother with their bickering, they look out for her. While inside Sid’s car, they pass along familiar places with childhood and teenage memories. There were happy memories and sad memories but nevertheless, they stuck together as a family. Perhaps, as years went by, they got too busy with their personal lives so they failed to remember the good times they had with each other. Perhaps, as they grew older, their personal problems became complicated; maybe more bills to pay, relationship problems, career problems.

My siblings and I don’t have that kind of petty quarrels anymore but I can relate with the commercial in some ways. Like, every time I get the chance to visit my hometown, Balanga City, there’s always that nostalgic moment. The big difference with the commercial, of course, is that, my mother will no longer be around at the end of the story to provide a happy ending. Not that my life now without my mother is empty and unhappy but losing my mother brought a permanent scar in my heart.

Unlike the other KFC commercial about a mother feeling insecure (?) about her two teenage son’s coming of age and bringing home their girlfriends for a getting-to-know-you dinner, Sid’s commercial is more touching because it hits the nostalgic spot of a typical sibling or child. And what is more touching for a mother than to see your children in unity. Ten, twenty years from now, my children will have their own lives. It is every parent’s dream to have loving and caring children; one who looks out for each other. That’s the message of the KFC commercial and I love it!