Ang Babaing Humugot Sa Puso Ni Dingdong

Teaser lang ng “Ang Babaing Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang” ang napapanuod ko. (Mas importante sa akin ang 8 oras na tulog kesa manuod ng TV, hehehe.) Simula ng mapanuod ko, naging curious ako. Paano nga ba ginampanan ni Ms. Vivian Velez ang role na Proserfina? Sa mga hindi nakaaalam, si Ms. Vivian Velez ang tinaguriang Ms. Body Beautiful ng kanyang panahon. Walang retoke yun, ha? Tama ba ang impormasyon ko na ang original role na Proserfina ay isang serial killer? Dito kasi sa Marian Rivera version, isa syang akyat-bahay. Kung ganyan kaganda at ka-sexy ang akyat-bahay, malamang lahat na magpapa-akyat-bahay.

Hindi maikakaila, si Marian Rivera ang babaing humugot sa puso ni Dingdong Dantes. Sa aking palagay, hindi lang gimmick ang sweetness nila ngayon. In fairness, bagay na bagay kay Marian ang malandi at wild na role bilang Proserfina. Siya lang ang naiisip kong tamang artistang gumanap sa papel na iyon.

Vindicated nga ba si Karylle dahil ngayon lumalabas na totoong nagka-developan nga ang dalawang lead stars ng GMA-7. Sa aking palagay, nararapat nang patahimikin din si Karylle at huwag ng ungkatin ang nakaraan nila ni Dingdong. Hindi ito nakabubuti sa career ni Karylle dahil laging may comparison na magaganap sa kanila ni Marian. Let’s face it, hindi leading lady material si Karylle. Mas magandang mag-focus sya sa theater dahil dun naman talaga ang forte nya. Hindi nakakatulong ang pagka-link nya kay Jericho Rosales o Christian Bautista. Nagmumukha syang gumaganti lang sa ex-bf nyang si Dingdong. Natutuwa naman din ako sa very sexy billboards nya for Bench. Classy ang dating ni Karylle at napatunayan din naman nyang she’s HOT in her own right.

The Antoinette Factor

Some showbiz people are saying that Marian Rivera is not the real root cause of Dingdong and Karylle’s break up. While Marian is trying hard to defend herself from angry Dingdong-Karylle supporters, it seems like the real culprit (if she really is) is enjoying the merry-go-round as if she’s watching a real-life teledrama.

Surely, Antoinette Taus could never be forgotten as Dingdong Dantes’s first love. Never mind if he was linked to some starlets before like Bianca Lapus. Toni will remain to be Dingdong’s first love from the public’s point of view.

Their break up was not that controversial as compared to Dingdong and Karylle’s. Perhaps, the public lost interest in the Toni-Dingdong love team when the former moved to the US for her Hollywood dream. Until now, Toni believes that Karylle was the third party in the break up. And if Dingdong maintains a good level of friendship with Toni, it isn’t impossible for Toni to know the real score between her ex and the alleged third party behind her own break up with Dingdong. Notice that her answers in the Balakubak portion of Nuts Entertainment were not only brave but very sure.

I don’t believe that she and Dingdong have a child (or as they say, children). It isn’t about a child that continues to give connection to their aborted relationship; it’s Dingdong’s habit of making his exes his bestfriend. When Bianca Lapus’s mother died, remember that Dingdong was there at the funeral. When he dumped Toni for Karylle, he still visits her whenever he goes to the US. He maintains good friendship with his exes and I think that Karylle was most threatened to Toni among Dingdong’s exes.

Could Toni be the real reason of the spit up? Did she really intend to visit Bianca King on the set of Dyesebel or Dingdong asked her to watch the taping?

Whatever the reason is and whoever Dingdong will date after Karylle, Toni will remain to be the young love that Dingdong had.

Karylle, Dingdong and Marian

Whoa! More and more people are getting interested in the most controversial break up in 2008: the Karylle and Dingdong split up. But who is really telling the truth? Who is still hurting? Who initiated the split up? Who caused the split up? What caused the split up? What is reel and what is real?

Is it just coincidental when Karylle and Dingdong’s break up rumor spreaded at least three weeks before the playdate of “One True Love?” Could this be gimmick? Does the sensational love team need gimmick, by the way? No doubt, Marian and Dingdong’s love team is selling like hotcakes so there’s no need for an additional spice. My analysis: the break up is NO gimmick!

At the height of the Marimar fever, a reporter asked Dingdong if he knows where Karylle is at the moment. The actor simply said “I don’t know!” Of course, Marimar fans were delighted at the response! The actor seemed not to care about his real love in favor of his reel love! What a reply, isn’t it? My analysis: Karylle and Dingdong’s relationship was never been so good. It was just our perception. We were just taken for a ride.

I was one of the many showbiz kibitzers who rejoiced when Marian was chosen to play the role of Marimar. The girl got the talent, the body and the face to boot! Fans didn’t care whether she really had a secret boyfriend. (Now we knew she broke up with longtime boyfriend, Ervic.) Her chemistry with Dingdong is physically intense; both of them have Spanish features and it just gave them the advantage. Undoubtedly, Marian’s time has come. She’s now GMA-7’s “it girl” and I think the girl deserves it. But news of her becoming a swellhead disillusioned some of her fans (to the delight of pro-Angel fans!) Her verbal confrontation with a Zambales local during the taping of Dyesebel hurt her sweet image. After that, she was repackaged as a Caviteña fighter: walang makaaapi. The question is, is she really api? Prior to the break up rumor, Marian was quoted as saying “Hindi mahirap mahalin si Dong.” Pampakilig lang ba yan sa fans nyo, Marian? My analysis: yes, it was just a pampakilig to the fans. At that time, Marian probably was not yet aware of the seriousness and gravity of Karylle and Dingdong’s break up. Nakisawsaw para pakiligin ang fans, kumbaga. Little did she knew that that statement could put her in trouble. Notice that Marian was defensive now than when the rumor (break up) was just starting to spread. Nadamay lang itong babaeng ito. Nagpakilig pa kasi!

Karylle finds it hard to move on, instead, she calls it “moving forward.” The lady is still in pain. The lady is crying in silence. My analysis: it was Dingdong who initiated the break up. Notice how relaxed Dingdong is as compared to Karylle. It’s difficult to move on after the break up if it wasn’t you who initiated it. Karylle’s transfer to ABS-CBN could make or break her career. But does a bleeding heart care about the consequences of her decision? She could be ABS-CBN’s next big asset. The first thing that she should do once she starts reporting to ABS-CBN is to keep her silence about the break up. Talking about her ex who’s on the rival network is a big no-no. It could boomerang on her. So please, keep your silence, dear!

Dingdong’s sudden change of heart is not really sudden. As he said, their break up is a result of a long process. He didn’t elaborate more about the “long process.” Long process of what? My analysis: his sudden rise to fame shifted his priorities from settling down to maximizing his career. He’s now 27 or 28 and Karylle is probably asking him about their future plans. Yeah, there could be some slight professional rivalry or relationship insecurity on Karylle’s part and maybe, she’s not really bent on asking Dingdong to marry her next year but a change in either or both of a partner’s lifestyle and focus is REALLY a big factor in any committed relationship.