Jinkee J. Pacquiao


I found this old article about Jinkee Pacquiao. So little is published about her personal life and I hope to see more articles about her minus her being a wife to Manny Pacquaio.

Jinkee was most controversial when Manny was linked with Ara Mina and Krista Ranillo. She got the public’s sympathy when she decided to keep her marriage and not allow anybody to ruin it.

Jinkee’s taste in luxury bags and clothes was at one time, a subject of debate among bloggers. Is it wrong to buy expensive things and flaunt it? For as long as the Pacquiaos give back or share their blessings, I don’t care if Jinkee is buying a truckload of Hermes or Fendi everyday!

Her being a Belo endorser was her biggest break; it was Jinkee trying to shift from being a pretty wife of a champion boxer to being a celebrity.

I hope to see more independence and empowerment on Jinkee. She’s smart, pretty and intelligent. She can always shine on her own.