Amazing Tawas (Alum)

When it comes to proper hygiene, I follow the rules. I brush my teeth at least three times a day, I take a bath in the morning and before retiring at night. I use feminine wash to get rid of unwanted vaginal odour. I use deodorant to prevent body odor and so on. I knew that I follow the rules when it comes to being clean so it upset me when my husband told me that sometimes, he could smell bad odour from my armpit. That constructive criticism made me upset because that was true! I love to eat spicy foods and these foods tend to produce foul-smelling body odours. I notice that every time I eat spicy foods, my underarm smells bad even when I apply deodorant.

My husband suggested alum (tawas) and asked me to stop using deodorant. Being a submissive wife, I followed his advice and went to Mercury Drug to buy alum crystals. After taking a bath that night, I wet the alum crystal and rubbed it gently on my armpit. The next morning, I checked my armpit and it still smelled fresh. So then, I took a bath again and used alum crystal instead of my deodorant. To further check its powers, I ate spicy foods that day. When I went home that night, I inspected my armpit and it still smelled fresh!

I know that deodorants contain alum but I guess that with my active sweat glands on my underarm, the alum concentration is not good enough. Using alum as substitute to deodorant could sound primitive and even barriotic to some but it’s the best weapon that has worked for me to avoid that embarassing underarm odour whenever I eat spicy foods.