Hope After the Pandemic


Today is the 52nd day of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon. Some areas have been given a general community quarantine because of the controlled Covid-19 cases but most areas are still under ECQ (enhanced community quarantine). The IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force) would have to assess if more areas would be given a GCQ status by May 15th.

Because “freedom” on May 16 is a little impossible on some areas like the National Capital Region (NCR) and Central Luzon, people are getting worried about their fate on the coming days. On the other hand, prioritizing public health and safety is just right if the Covid cases are still high in an area.

There is hope after the pandemic. I’ve seen friends resort to first time online selling while they are on forced leave from work. Some neighbors offer delivery service to the elderly and immuno-compromised individuals for a little fee. Others cook and sell, their customers are those who are on work from home arrangement and are too busy to prepare food for the family. To beat the boredom, some people sign up to a youtube account in the hope to make it to vlogging. In short, I think that most people are on the survival mode nowadays.

The new normal is in and we are forced to adapt while the cure for Covid-19 is how many months away. After all these struggles, I believe that people will be more appreciative of life. People will be more compassionate. People will be more humble. Where do we go from here? To a better tomorrow, I suppose.