Checkpoint Phobia


I always get this nervous feeling whenever I see a police or military checkpoint. Call it paranoia from watching too much Tagalog action films in the past wherein the officer-in-charge is actually a hitman-in-disguise. The hottest news about the Atimonan shoot out (or rub out?) is enough to justify my fear of checkpoints.

Passengers should know that opening the trunk of our car should not be made compulsary by the police or military doing the checkpoint. We are also not asked to step out of the car during inspection. Checkpoints should be done in a well-lit area. The name and contact number of the officer heading the checkpoint must also be visible from the signage.

A lot of talks and speculations are going on about the Atimonan shoot out. From the NBI investigation, it appears to be an ambush. Dead man tell no tales but the scene of the crime will speak about what really happened on January 6. It’s too early to tell and conclude the final result of the investigation. Let’s just hope that this is going to be a fair and fast investigation.