Breastfeeding Is Still Best For Babies but…..

Breastfeeding is still best and will always be best for babies but please, have a little privacy in feeding your child! It’s not that I’m sexually stimulated by the sight of breast hanging out from a mother’s blouse. I just hate to see mothers, especially young and attractive mothers, breastfeeding her child and exposing her breast to everyone. I know it’s not public exhibition and I understand the logic that the woman is just feeding her chid. But breasts are still sexual objects and there are people who are naturally pervert! Sure, he wouldn’t probably attack the breastfeeding mom but he could also divert his sexual desire on someone.

Cover your breasts, please! Or make the breastfeeding discreet. We don’t need to see you feeding your baby; that doesn’t make you a better mom than those who are not breastfeeding.