Great Find: Gigi Amore Bra

My eyes and budget are fixated on Avon bra. It’s cheaper than the leading brand of bra in the Philippine market and quality-wise, I’m satisfied. I’ve been using Avon bra since I was in college. Life span of an Avon bra is 3-5 years.

I chanced upon a Gigi Amore bra last Saturday in Mall of Asia. I was supposed to buy Triumph bra, my second brand of preference but there was no available size for me. My husband suggested to buy a Wacoal but I don’t want lacy bras; the soft cottony one was out of stock. So I ended up examining the fabric, form and style of Gigi Amore bra. The padding was cottony soft and the strap was strong enough to support my breasts. I got the bra for only PhP 150, 50% discount! Normally, I would spend PhP500-800 per bra so Gigi Amore is a great find!

I will give feedback on Gigi Amore’s quality after six months. It’s too early to tell if it’s comparable to Avon or not. 😉

Update as of January 12, 2013:
After a year of using Gigi Amore bra, it’s still in good condition but the quality is not comparable to Avon bras. While the strap is still in good condition, the sides lost its elasticity so it rolled inward (imagine a 3 cm width strap that shrinked to 1.5 cm.). The cup padding became uneven after a mild machine wash so I recommend to just handwash it. But generally, the bra is still in wearable condition but the quality is not as good as Avon or Triumph.