A Good Kisser Is Not Bad Breath

I will only speak as far as my opinion in terms of proper oral hygiene. Some might get the impression that I’ve kissed a lot of men. No, I only had three boyfriends in my life and the third one became my husband.

I am overly conscious when it comes to my breath; I always try to smell my breath if it still smells good or I need a gargle or toothbrush before talking with people. You can have a bad hair day and people will forgive you but having a bad breath will earn you codenames that you wouldn’t like. 😉

I lick my hand and wait for it to dry before smelling it to test if my breath is bad. Usually, if I eat a lot of breads and pasta, the particles are so sticky so they stay in between my teeth. These particles need flossing to have it removed. Otherwise, you’ll notice that your breath smells bad even after brushing your teeth.

Generally, smokers have that kind of breath that stinks. Heavy drinkers have that acidic-smelling breath, too. Some people are just not into the habit of brushing their teeth.

A good kiss starts with a nice breath. It doesn’t matter if a kiss is driven by lust or love but surely, I wouldn’t want to exchange kisses with someone who’s got a bad breath.