Wo Ai Ni, Baby 59!

Who would throw away an angel like this?

Who would throw away an angel like this?

Good to know that Baby 59 is safe. It’s a miracle he survived being trapped in a toilet pipe. Good thing somebody heard him crying. The angels must have protected him from harm. His mother must be nuts. How can she just throw away an angel as cute as that? She could just given him to a childless couple or an orphanage. Oh well, if women from that part of the planet flush away their unwanted babies, we do it differently here. Fetuses are thrown just everywhere. Where is morality and where is their humanity?

In the mind of an unwed or unprepared mother, it is better to abort the child than continue with the pregnancy and live with the stigma of being an unwed mother. In their minds, it is better to abort the pregnancy and take a rest for two weeks than continue with the pregnancy and take the full responsibility of raising a child. Aborting a baby would probably take PhP10,000 as compared to raising one.

In the mind of an unwed or unprepared mother, their family comes first: her parents’ reaction and disapproval, her family’s capability to raise a child, her family’s comfort and later on: the society’s perception, the government’s reaction. Very little concern is left for the unborn child.

Sex is easy, life is cheap. Motherhood does not knock at every women’s door; it’s unfair for some women to be denied the opportunity to be a mother while some are wasting their chance at motherhood. Truly, we can’t choose our parents.

If you are not ready for motherhood, then please be responsible! If you can’t wait for sex after marriage, then please practice safe sex! Once a life inside of you is made, there is no turning back. You don’t dump human beings like that (fetus in a bottle), even dogs deserve a decent burial at the backyard!


Great Find: Sweet Baby Diaper

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My 9-month old baby uses Pampers Overnight for maximum absorbency. In the morning, he uses Pampers Comfort until my husband asked me to try using other brands. Since Robi started teething, we had to change his diaper at least twice an hour due to his frequent bowel movement. Prior to that, we used to change Robi’s diaper every two hours. The pediatrician said it was part of teething and unless Robi seemed sick, there’s nothing to be worried about.

So there, I grabbed two packs (20 diapers each pack) of Sweet Baby Diaper for Robi’s daytime use. Upon arriving home, I checked the adhesives and found them to be just fine. I like its high-cut leg design like Pampers. I expected something like leaking but the cotton could hold Robi’s weewee for up to one hour. Of course, our primary reason why we bought a cheaper diaper was because we didn’t want to spoil and throw away a pricey diaper for Robi’s frequent bowel movement. Now that Robi’s bowel movement is back to normal, I can feel the savings of using a cheaper yet a good quality diaper.

Yesterday, I bought 1 pack (38 diapers per pack) for only PhP 220 pesos in Walter Mart. That is only PhP 5.70 pesos per diaper! If I’m going to buy it elsewhere, it could even be cheaper. By the way, the manufacturer of Sweet Baby Diaper is Quanta Paper Corporation, a Filipino company. That’s one good reason to patronize this product, too.

Birthday On A Budget

With a new baby expected next year, we need to save again for his first birthday. The baby’s first birthday is celebrated with more extravagance than the succeeding birthdays. It is the parents’ way of thanking God for taking care of their baby for the most crucial part of his life: the first 12 months.
I am a practical person yet I don’t want to shortchange Adi’s first birthday. My husband and I initially thought of holding the party in Jollibee or Mc Donald’s but our guests would surely find it far. We don’t want our guests to have the alibi that they were not able to come to Adi’s party because Jollibee or Mc Donald’s is far from their place.
We have an acquiantance from the church who is a good cook. His former job was a cook at an international hotel in Makati. We decided to hold Adi’s party at home and stick to a budget.

Checklist of Baby’s First Birthday Party:
1. Theme- Adi loves Mickey Mouse. We decided a Mickey theme for the party.
2. Venue- We held the party at the apartment. I had the garden meticulously cleaned. We rented a tent for PhP 1,500. Chairs, tables and catering utensils at PhP 7,500. Decoration is included except the tarpauline and balloons.
3. Tarpauline- I designed Adi’s tarpauline and had it printed for PhP 250.
4. Balloons- I bought 3 packs of big balloons (12 balloons per pack) and 1 pack of small balloons. Total price was PhP300.
5. Goldilock’s cake with Mickey Theme at PhP2,500.
6. Ice cream cart- rented the cart with 6 gallons of ice cream at PhP 2,500.
7. Cotton candy cart- at PhP 1,500.
8. Adi’s birthday clothes- with Mickey printing, all in all at PhP 600.
9. Food and Drinks budget- Four different viands, rice and dessert for adults and spaghetti, hotdog and brownies for kids- PhP12,000.
10. Give aways- 30 tokens worth 30 pesos each. All in all at PhP900.
11. Party hats good for 30 kids and other design materials- PhP 600.
12. Videoke- PhP 500

Adi’s first birthday party costed us around PhP 30,000+. We had 30 kids and around 70 adults who joined the fun. There was unlimited supply of ice cream and cotton candy. Everybody was happy. It was a joyful celebration.

I know that some caterers charge PhP 250 per head and given our 100 guests on Adi’s birthday party, that would have costed us PhP 25,000. But the venues that we have here are either too expensive (PhP 16,000 per day, no per hour rental) or too far (PhP 4,000 per day). Besides, I think it’s best to celebrate my baby’s first birthday with our neighbors since we consider them as family.

Adi at 18 Months

Next week, Adi will turn 18 months. He’s growing up really fast; both physically and mentally. He says “Tek yu” (Thank you!) whenever he’s being given something to eat like bread and biscuits. I am happy to see him growing up to be a fine young man. He can be very mischievous, too like knocking on Chang’s room while saying “Ate!” He knows how to make Mama and Daddy happy by showering us with kisses. He rides on his bike and joyfully greets anyone he sees at the compound. He loves his yaya and he cries whenever she has to go home every night.

Adi is our angel, our clown, our little one rolled into one. We love you, Adi!

Building Up My Baby’s Vocabulary

At 9 months and two weeks, Adi can utter the following words:

dog- which he pronounce as “do”, it’s like removing the “g” from the word
cat- “cat”
triangle- “tie-duh”
Ate (elder sister)-“teh”
And the list goes on.

I think it’s best for my little one to learn the King’s language at an early age. My husband and I communicates with him in English and Tagalog. My husband’s dialect is Cebuano; we might as well introduce the dialect to him. Oh, well…I need to learn Cebuano, too. He teaches me basic Cebuano but I always end up speaking Ilocano, my second dialect after my native Tagalog.

I’ve always wanted to learn and speak at least four different languages but the limitation is I don’t get to speak with native speakers of the languages that I am trying to learn. Maybe Adi’s case will be different because young children learn faster than adults.