What Really Happened To Aifha?

I was watching the morning news when the death of a call center agent named Aifha caught my attention. While “Unang Hirit” was careful not to present graphic images of the damage on Aifha’s body, I could still feel the gravity of physical damage the accident costed on her. The girl was only 20 years old, a productive citizen who worked as a call center agent. There was a report that prior to the hit and run, she was busy talking with someone over her cellphone. Another report said that she was listening to the music with her headset on that was why she did not notice the warning (beeping) of the coming red Mazda that hit her. To make matters worse, she was robbed off her personal belongings! Poor girl!

But what really happened to Aifha? First hand witnesses said that she was NOT talking with someone over her cellphone and she was NOT listening to the music with her headset on when the accident happened. She simply got off the jeepney and ran to the other side of the road when a speeding red Mazda hit her.

What is the speed limit in that area? How fast was the red Mazda? What is the condition of the pedestrian in that area?

I am not impressed by speeding drivers unless I’m watching F1 on TV. Some drivers could be thrill-seeking without taking into consideration the lives that they could ruin should an accident happen.