Moments Slip Away But Not The Memory

You asked me if I love you.

I said that it doesn’t really matter.

Hurt, you questioned why.

I said “Because you should ask me or I should ask you —until when?”

You laughed. I was not sure if it was a nervous laugh.

You asked me a lot of questions about the past.

Some were the same questions that you have asked before.

You were reminiscing the past just as I was.

There was a time when we had our own dimension and time zone.

That area where our adult self met with our young self.

Having that kind of special relationship made me ecstatic.

That kind of relationship when only our past life was committed

There were days when reality reminded us that the past that we had was not really ours to begin with.

There was silence in between conversations.

We created another memory of each other; erasing the ones we had in the past.

But this memory was the final among the happy memories that we had.

Indeed, moments slip away, but not the memories.

The Diary

Looking at the clock in this rainy afternoon.

Then opened my journal to read my past posts.

I saw your hellos and good days.

Those were the days of confusion and excitement.

I remember those days and how emotions were high.

You asked me if I love you, I told you that “you should know by┬ánow.”

Because the question is not how much love is there; the question is until when will that love last?

On the hindsight, I knew that that love wouldn’t last.

We were just stressed out with our every day life.

We needed somebody to listen; a diversion.

Until I felt that I was falling for you and that was a big mistake.

I felt lost a couple of times.

That love could never be reciprocated.

There were things that were not meant to be.

That included you and me.

Thank you for the love, if what you felt was indeed love.










The Achiever

The worst feeling is to be taken for granted.

To be regarded as a substitute.

To be remembered only when needed.

To be one’s second choice.

To fill in whatever is missing.

To suppress your growth and potential.

To give way for the favored ones.

To pretend as if you’re okay.

But this worst feeling is a preparation for my future.

My own battles and sacrifices.

My commitment to a better me.

My road to full recovery.

Surely, a good soldier bounces back from defeat.

Because a good soldier never accepts defeat.

We fight even when the chances are slim.

We fight with honor, equality and dignity.

When someone treats you unfairly.

Consider it as a preparation for a better you.

Nobody becomes successful by spoon-feeding.

The more hurt a person is, the more he becomes an achiever.



Have you ever felt something so strong to resist?

A monster in the making, an ogre or a beast?

Have you ever looked at the stars in the sky?

And wish to touch them right before your eyes.

Have you ever wished to be a different you?

Do some crazy things out of the blue.

Have you ever done anything unacceptable?

Against the norms of society where we’re expected to be impeccable

Have you ever wanted to be lazy all day?

Pretend to be a puppet, a doll or a clay.

Have you ever felt weariness from life’s roller coaster?

Then find another place that can make you feel better.

Have you ever thought how strong a person you are?

A survivor, a winner, a champion, a star.


Go Where The Love Is

If I don’t communicate with you as often as before, don’t take it against you.

Don’t feel guilty if we’re drifting apart.

It’s just the natural life cycle of everything.

The beginning and the end.

But that disconnection has nothing to do with you.

It is just that I don’t want to force a connection when it’s no longer there.

I always go where the love is.

I know that you do not hate me.

I know that you feel sorry, too.

But we must accept that even the best of friendships fade.

It is as natural as the blooming of a flower then its withering.

Sometimes, it’s like the seasons– time will tell when closeness will happen again.

So we must not hold a grudge against each other.

If the hi’s and hello’s become as rare as the Halley’s comet.

Even nature has its own timing for everything.

So why take an effort to question everything.

Just walk away and go where the love is.

People are so obsessed about connections.

Be it a friend, a family, an office mate or a boss.

You can’t fake rapport when it isn’t there.

Just go on with your daily purpose and enjoy life.

Enjoy life in solitude like the way you do it in multitude.

Enjoy it with people who love you back.

Because always, people who love each other do not force happiness.

So go where the love is.