Pissed Off

I was looking for the phone cable that I lent to my husband. He said that he doesn’t know where it is. It was a Tuesday morning and mornings mean rush hour to me. I repeated the question and told him that I hate it whenever he fails to safe keep the things that he borrow from me. Moved by this, he got up and opened his bag. The cable was inside it. I punched him in great annoyance!

He knows that I hate misplaced items. What I don’t get is he’s into the habit of fueling the building up of my emotions until I erupt. I know his weakness, too and I can be the nastiest bitch in town when emotionally provoked. But my point is, does he really need to resort to making me mad before listening to me?

Some days are not full of love.

Will You Marry Me?

“Olivia, will you marry me?”

These words caught my attention while I was rushing to work last Friday, Valentine’s Day. My initial reaction was, it must be one of those Palmolive or Ponds advertisements. Little did I knew about the impression that it must be John Pratts proposing to Olivia Daytia or better known as Isabel Oli. The couple denied the involvement and the people were left wondering who this lucky Olivia was.

I love marriage proposals but I don’t want mine to be the center of attention. My husband’s marriage proposal was plain and simple; he went to my apartment one morning, took my right hand and inserted the ring on my right middle finger. It was the sweetest moment of our relationship.

The best thing about a man proposing to his girl is the certainty that he wants that girl to be his wife and to be the mother of his kids. Enough of some men complaining about girls chasing marriage. If a man is certain about his feelings and future with his girl, he will marry her no matter what.

On This Day, I Married You

On this day, I married you

After eight months of courtship

It was a crazy idea, they said

It was a gamble on life, I insisted


On this day, I married you

Gone are the days of whispering sweet nothings

We are now facing the realities of married life

And yes, it is challenging


On this day, I married you

My most expensive jewelry is our wedding ring

It symbolizes this day, our union

It’s more expensive than diamonds or platinum


On this day, I married you

I never felt so secured before

God finally heared my prayers three years ago

To let me find a man who will love me forever

Sometimes, Distance is Good

For the first time in three years, my husband and I are not physically together as he needs to accompany a person who is a middleman of a prospective employer of my father-in-law. My father-in-law is retiring next year and my husband thought that should this employment deal pushes through, it would be for the benefit of my father-in-law.

My father-in-law’s assignment is in Camotes Island; the scenic island that is one and a half hours by boat from mainland Cebu. Cellphone signal is not good in his father’s house so my husband needs to go to the beach to text me or call me up. I can sense that he’s missing Adi so much. I can sense that he’s missing home and I can sense that he’s missing me. I miss him, too.

Sometimes, distance is good in a relationship. When we were together 7 days a week, we took each other for granted. We became very comfortable with each other. We tended to unappreciate each other. I realize that we can make a better loving home by just filling the home with love and laughter. Yes, sometimes, distance is good for us to see what we are overseeing.