I am currently browsing through my old blog entries. I realize that so much has changed in me through the years. I used to be an emotional person. The years of challenges managed to harden me. Of course, I still have my vulnerabilities. Bad jokes no longer affect me in the same way that I stopped cracking demeaning jokes on someone. I no longer feel the pressure of proving myself to anyone. I let go of toxic people who have nothing good to offer to me or anyone. But I became more loyal to friends and family. I have passed the stage of trying to be cool and relevant. Because being cool and relevant do not require any effort. I stopped thinking about what other people would say. I started thinking about what do I think of these people? I no longer tolerate bullshits and the like— if you see me playing around, take it as a clue that I know your intentions toward me. I now take a compliment as it is and no longer deny myself of it. Nevertheless, it’s no big deal as it was twenty years ago. I have learned to accept criticisms both constructive and not.

People grow in different places and paces. Life is a never-ending learning process. So yes, I’m not gonna delete my old cringe-worthy posts. I am learning from my own mistakes each day.

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