Breeze Liquid Detergent Feedback

Breeze Liquid Detergent
Friction! Friction!

I have been doing a product review for the past 12 years now and this is the first time that I changed my approach. In case you need to remember, here is the link to all the reviews that I did: Looking at it now, I can’t help but laugh at myself for appearing to be ranting about the products that disappointed me instead of taking the high road of talking directly with the proper channels to air my grievances.

A month ago, I decided to try Breeze Liquid Detergent for our top load washing machine. Before Breeze, I used a low foam powder detergent but I noticed some chalk build-up on the drain area. This powder detergent residue is not good for the washing machine and it might affect the service life of the unit. So, to cut the story short, the reason why I switched to Breeze was to take care of the automatic washing machine and maximize its service life.

Switching to the new brand is not difficult; I love the mild scent of the Breeze Liquid Detergent! As a bonus, I did not expect it to be economical, too. One bottle cap can do 15 clothes depending upon the thickness and of course, the level of dirtiness. The downside is, if you hold the bottle with wet hands, it is prone to slipping because of the lack of friction or handle on the body of the bottle. Please take note that I am talking about the 1000 mL bottle; the larger bottles have a handle. Because of this issue, I wanted to do a product review about this but I realized that during the past 12 years, nothing materialized out of my product reviews; be it a good review or a bad review. Certainly, my readers were able to get a tip on which product is okay and which product they should avoid but at the end of the day, the improvement that I have wanted did not happen.

The improvement that I longed for did not happen because I was busy making product reviews but I failed to communicate my concern on the proper channels. Well, I tried doing so with Unilever (for Breeze) last December 22nd and I was surprised because their consumer engagement team was quick to reply.

My message was simple, I suggested adding some friction on the body of the bottle if putting a handle is too much of a change. Should their design engineers take my feedback seriously, I don’t even expect the change to happen until they exhausted all of their current bottle inventories and until they make mold modifications to include this new feature. But hey, they should have added some friction on the bottle during the design stage, right?

Anyway, let’s wait and see if Unilever will consider my suggestion. Who knows, I’m not the only one who expressed an opinion about this. I think that writing to the companies and expressing our joy or disappointment in their products is more direct, proactive, and expected to yield better results later.