Through Night And Day

Note: May contain spoilers.

“Through Night and Day” is the latest talk of the town because of its tearjerking break-up story about a long-time couple who is about to get married. The big question is, why would Ben dump his long-time girlfriend/fiance just because he thinks that their personalities are poles apart?

To answer this, we need to understand that the ex-couple started their relationship when they were in high school. As we know, most high school sweethearts do not end up with each other because either of them will outgrow the other. In their case, they managed to sustain their relationship until they were mature and independent enough to supposedly head to married life. The problem is, Ben was stuck with the idea that Jen was the ideal girl for him. He put her on a pedestal and romanticized whatever shortcomings he felt Jen had.

In real life, we tend to forgive the annoying behaviors of our girl/boyfriend in the hope that maybe she/he will mature or change. Living in separate houses makes us more forgiving, too because we don’t want to end the day fighting.

Therefore, when Ben realized that Jen was not the ideal girl he thought she was, he was not only lost but disillusioned. He was disillusioned to the point of forgetting whatever past they shared. It was like realizing that oil and water could never mix. He did not bother to check on Jen unlike what most ex-boyfriends normally do. He just wanted to proceed with his life and find another girl who would be his ideal girl.

If Jen is not sick, do you think Ben will bother to visit her and renew their friendship? I don’t think so because his original plan was just to finalize the selling of the family-owned bar. Ben felt guilty about leaving Jen so he made amends for his mistakes.

The bottom line, forgiveness is the main theme of the movie followed by the realization that if we truly love a person, we need to accept them at their worst, too. I hope that Ben learned his lesson from his failed first relationship in the same way that most of us become better partners after a previous relationship.