What To Look For In A Facial Wash?

Facial wash has become a staple in today’s beauty routine. During the 90’s, we were happy with using soap and the introduction of facial wash in the early 2000 was a struggle at the beginning. Marketing experts swayed the public’s opinion that a dot size of facial wash could effectively clean and remove excess oil; something that some bath soap could do but with drying effects. To date, you can choose from a variety of facial wash from anti-acne (with tea tree oil, lemon, calamansi,strawberry) to hydrating (with aloe-vera, cucumber) to deep-cleansing (with activated charcoal, coffee,apricot beads) to anti-ageing (ginseng, pomegranate).

In the early 2000, the leader in the local facial wash industry was Ponds. Today, you can choose from Apricot Scrub, Eskinol Facial Wash, Maxipeel, Himalayas, 3M Clinic, Clean and Clear, Nivea, Belo and the list goes on. The more products, the better for the consumers to choose from. I have tried all of them and my top favorites are Himalayas, 3M Clinic and Ponds. Performance-wise, they are all good, but I tend to buy Himalayas and Ponds over 3M Clinic because of one crucial factor: the bottle cap design.

Facial wash design review.
Facial wash design review

The bottle cap design is a crucial factor in choosing for a facial wash because busy people tend to look for time saving products. As an Industrial Engineer who’s into motion and time study and work station improvement, I tend to be OCD when it comes to using facial wash with resealable design. First, you need to remember where you placed the cap when you use the facial wash. It tends to roll and get lost, too. It’s the reason why a flip up design gives a better advantage over the resealable because it keeps the cap intact and the facial wash neat.

I wish to propose that all resealable toiletries like facial wash, shampoo, toothpaste and hair conditioner shift to flip up design. What are your thoughts on it?