The Killer Bride Finale

Note: May contain spoilers.

The Killer Bride is not your typical Pinoy teleserye wherein the writers give in to the demand of the fans. It sticked to its story about love, family, revenge and redemption. Surprisingly, the theme is not just about what I have just mentioned but the secret plot is about how wrong stories or information are used to twist the truth and benefit those who use it for their own advantage.

In the early run of the teleserye, we know that the reason why the Dela Cuestas and the Dela Torres are at odd against each other is because of the rape-slay of Belinda dela Torre. In the finale, we learn that Armando Dela Cuesta and Belinda Dela Torre are actually lovers who are about to elope because the latter is about to get married to another man her family approved of. Not much was said about Armando but basing it from the clothes that they wore on the final scene, he was also killed by Belinda’s supposed future husband. Then the perpetators most likely spread the urban legend about Belinda being raped and killed by Armando thus creating a big hatred between the two most powerful families in Las Espadas.

The Belinda-Armando love story and tragedy repeats itself in Camila and Vito as their families will not accept because of an earlier animosity between the two clans. But actually, Camila and Vito are just casualties of the evil plan of her own blood, Luciano Dela Torre. He sees the opportunity to make her as the ultimate antagonist so as to cover up his criminal acts with the help of his secret love, Alice Dela Torre, his brother’s mentally disturbed wife.

Camila’s ghost in the finale questions herself if she wasted her whole life trying to seek vengeance for losing Vida  (her daughter with Vito) when she had her the whole time in Emma’s persona. To add insult to injury, Vito confirms that Emma is really their daughter and he will be a father to her, assuring her of his love. There were flashbacks of a young Emma with Camila and how she showed her unconventional love for her supposed adopted daughter. She was too focused on finding Vida and did not notice Emma’s shared traits with her parents: her being a good singer like Vito, her love for the horses like her, her soft side just when she (Camila) was just her age and then her fiery side when she became Alba Almeda. In one of the scenes, Camila appeared to doubt Luna if she was really Vida as the latter did not have the inherited traits of her biological parents.

Juan Felipe redeemed himself from being a cruel mayor to a humbled fugitive. I must say that Antonia did better in raising her boys than Guada because the Dela Torre children were too stubbon to handle: the black sheep Luciano, the rebel Renato, the cruel Juan Felipe and then the bitchy Tatiana. For the Dela Torres, it was all about the image and anything that would put the family name in trouble would be covered up. Good thing, Luis was different from his parents and he was the saving grace of the Dela Torres.

Emma is now the richest of them all as she’s a Serrano, a Dela Torre and a Dela Cuesta! I love how the love story between Vida/Emma and Elias becomes the final closure of hatred between the two families since Vito is also a father figure to Elias making him an unofficial Dela Cuesta. The Luis and Emma love angle becomes awkward now because he is his uncle. It is even more cringeworthy to recall the Emma and Vito rumoured affair.

The finale wherein a happy Camila is shown riding a horse while a happy Fabio follows her by foot is for the CamBio fans. But in my opinion, the hidden message is Camila has no romantic feelings for Fabio even in the afterlife and Fabio is okay with the unrequited love set up. The Vito and Camila love story is a tragedy and both of them accepted that their love story is short and sweet. Thus, KZ Tandingan’s “Halik sa Hangin” is the song that they play for every shared scenes that they have. The message is no matter how much you love a person, if you are not meant to be, you will never be together. Fabio and Tessa are the second degree victims of the Vito and Tessa’s tragedy as they could not compete with their explosive (as what Tatiana said) love affair. Now that Camila is really gone and Vito sets the record straight that he never left her, he could finally make up for his wife Tessa and start a happy family with Emma/Vida and Luna around.

Adoption is a sensitive topic even in this modern day. Tessa’s acceptance that Luna deserves to trace her biological parents means that adoptive parents need to be supportive when the time comes that their adopted children start to look for their roots. Emma/Vida and Luna would be perfect as sisters as both are strong-willed and they share a common love—Elias. For Emma/Vida, it’s a romantic love while for Luna, a platonic love for Elias. I am rooting for a Luna-Luis love story and hey, it isn’t impossible! When that happens, Luna would have been Emma’s aunt-in-law and a sister at the same time.What a crazy family tree!

Then the high five scene of Antonia and Guada is something to be happy about as the two matriarchs used to throw shade at each other. I am thinking that Manay Ichu would be part of their sisterhood and there would be more coffee dates among the three senior ladies.

The thing is, what would happen if there is no Camila-Vito tragedy in the first place? I guess Luciano and Alice would still use another person to cover up their illegal activities. The casualty could have been the mayor himself, Juan Felipe or the rebel group where Renato was a member of. In short, Camila’s life and death simply opened cans and cans of worms and she exposed the brutal truth about her uncle’s crime. Had Luciano used Juan Felipe or Renato as escapegoat, he could surely get away with it and still do his dirty business under Don Jacobo’s nose.

The Killer Bride is the only Pinoy teleserye that I watched from beginning til the end. Maja Salvador deserves to be called the new TV queen. Janella Salvador levels up on this teleserye. Geoff Eigenmann is really Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa’s son! He should get more acting projects. Miko Raval should be groomed as an action star—wait, do we still have action movies nowadays? Joshua Garcia is definitely the next John Lloyd Cruz. More projects for Malou De Guzman, Jobelle Salvador and Aurora Sevilla, please! The Monica Belluci of the Philippines, Lara Quigaman, is a BIG revelation on her role as the mentally-disturbed Alice. Sam Concepcion is good and so is Alexa Ilacad. Loren Burgos, the Catriona Gray lookalike, can do versatile roles. Pamu Pamorada and Neil Coleta can team up next time, it’s gonna be hilarious! I could not mention all of the cast but the team who put them all together in this one big project deserves a clap as ALL OF THE ACTORS/ACTRESSES were perfect for the role!

Yes, I will miss this teleserye and the fictional town of Las Espadas. You all did a great job!