The Tragedy of Barbie Inocencio

I came across an FB post about a missing 16-year old girl from Banga, South Cotabato and just like what I always do in the past, I shared it on my wall to create awareness about her disappeance. It was on a stormy Tuesday night when I shared it. I thought it was just another case of a young woman running away from her strict parents. Her mother’s posts somehow gave me the impression that she knew that he daughter ran away but couldn’t trace her location. I hoped that somebody would spot her and report her just like how Ica Policarpio was found in 2017.

Whenever I post about missing persons, I feel that I am one of their loved ones so I check the updates every now and then. I was surprised that instead of a happy ending, the young life of Barbie ended just like that. She was found floating on an irrigation inside a rice sack; her hands and feet were hogtied. Emotions were high as to who probably took her life.

Her case became a circus when the alleged lover of her mother resisted the police and threatened to harm them with a hand grenade. As a result, the police killed him but his relatives cried foul about his arrest and death as his sister swore that Richard did not leave the house since December 1st. (Barbie was missing from December 2-3 and was found lifeless on December 4). His involvement in Barbie’s disappearance most likely came from some eyewitnesses that he was the last person seen with the girl; it contradicted with Richard’s sister’s statement that he did not leave the house during the times that Barbie was missing. Malicious talks keep on circulating and the netizens’ assuring support for Barbie’s mother turned to shaming and bullying.

I would like to wait for the autopsy result and the detailed investigation of her case. I understand the emotions of some of the netizens but some of the allegations against her mother were just too much for the family to handle. At the same time, there should be a thorough investigation about Richard’s arrest to settle the issue.

Now this is what I am worried about—what if Barbie’s real killers are still up and free and are just waiting for the next victim? Then we just wasted Richard’s life, exposed Barbie’s mother’s infidelity and malign Barbie’s character! That is why an autopsy is really needed to straighten things out.

Condolences to the family and loved ones of Barbie. May justice be served soon.