The Killer Bride- Antonia and Guada

Photo taken from the web.

Having Jobelle Salvador and Aurora Sevilla in a teleserye is something new to me and whoever suggested the casting of The Killer Bride deserves to be applauded!

I don’t have much memory of Jobelle and Aurora except that I know that they were famous actresses in the 80’s. Jobelle was one of the stars in “Bagets” wherein two of its actors would become a famous heartthrob (Aga Muchlach) and a politician (Herbert Bautista) later. Jobelle of the famous Salvador showbiz clan used to be mistaken for her contemporary Eula Valdez.

On almost the same period, Aurora was known as Liweng in the TAPE-produced teleserye “Agila” where Val Sotto was the lead actor. She was one of the favorite leading ladies of action stars in the 80’s.

Jobelle as Antonia dela Cuesta comes as a nagging mother. Aurora as Guada dela Torre is a superstitious woman who has a constant sidekick that tells her what to do and what not to do base on her lucky day, color or gems. The rivalry between the two matriarchs and as well as their throwing shades with one another provides some subtle catfight in the series.