The Killer Bride-Luna Dela Cuesta

Note: Photo taken from the web.

A scion of the well-known and rich Ilacad family that includes Mr. Orly Ilacad of Octo Arts Films, one would be quick to assume that with all her money and connections, she could get any role she wants. But obviously, that is not the case for Alexa. She loves to act and perform but being the center of the limelight seems to be the farthest thing from her mind. At a young age, she was one of the kids in “Goin’ Bulilit.” During her early teens, she was paired opposite Nash Aguas in “Bagito.”

I like that she’s exploring her options and I have no other teen actresses in mind when it comes to the role of a rich spoiled brat Luna Dela Cuesta in The Killer Bride. It is not to say that Alexa and Luna have the same characteristics except that both women have strong personalities.

Luna’s character must have been the result of being neglected, though unintentional, by her parents. When Vito married Tessa (her parents), it was probably a marriage for convenience. And while Tessa was and will always be into Vito, Vito could and will never get over his first love, Camila.

Children of a loveless marriage or in their case, a one-sided love, grow up insecure and always seeking for love. Her eyes are fixated on Elias even though she has travelled the world and has met a lot of more eligible men. The sad part is when her puppy love does not reciprocate as if repeating the history of the Vito and Tessa marriage. To add insult to injury, Elias is falling in love with a mysterious newcomer who claims to be possessed by Camila dela Torre and she’s none other than Emma Bonaobra. There’s just too much heat on the kitchen because Emma gets the attention of not only Elias but her father, as well.

By the way, I am reminded of Ms. Lovely Rivero everytime I see Alexa on TV. They both have this lovely smile.