The Killer Bride- Tatiana dela Torre

Disclaimer: Don’t take me seriously, I am just a fan. LOL!

Oh, wait—- Tatiana dela Torre got pregnant at 17 and the suspected father was Javier dela Cuesta? And now, Tatiana is one of the suspects for Javier’s death and Camila’s tragedy….hmmmm. I don’t think Tati can do that.

Allow me to refresh my memory that somewhere along the first few episodes, Luna mentioned about having a cousin and the father was her late uncle. While the possibility of narcissistic Tati giving up her baby to lover Javier to avoid the scandal and maybe possible wrath of Don Jacobo, then the more that she would not wish any harm done on Javier! The one who killed Javier could not be Tati or any of her lovers because it does not sound logical when her baby is under the care of the dela Cuestas. Besides, Tati seems to move on easily after a failed relationship. Remember her divorce from husband number 3 before she went back to Las Espadas when the news about the Camila wannabe broke out. Ariella Arida is a nice sight to watch in this teleserye but no, I’m sorry, she is not involved in Javier’s death.


So, Sebastian dela Cuesta is not Tati and Javier’s child. Episode 26 shows a dead Justino and he is revealed to be the one responsible for Tati’s rape two decades ago. The plot thickens……