Waking up to another day

Requires a lot of effort to juggle everything

From end to end

The day has not yet started

Yet fatigue is setting in

Because the most tiring part of me

Is my brain

Some people are wired to keep their focus

And let another person worry for their troubles

I personally see whatever I have to see

Because what I have are the most precious

I used to be adventurous

The type who would bungee-jump

When mother was alive and father was not so old

I would dare risk my life

Mama left me such enormous responsibility

To glue the family together

I started having anxiety

For a task so heavy

But no task is heavier

Than to be constantly worried about your loved ones

Are they eating? Are they making good?

Are they surviving? Do they have food?

I work from five to 10 and barely sleep

My mind is fixated on what we need

Anxiety attack, they will laugh at it

Being over-concerned is something that I must quit