The Privacy of an Icon

Mr. Eddie Garcia passed away last Thursday, June 21, leaving a permanent void in showbiz. I grew up watching his villain roles in Sampaguita Pictures when RPN9 made a re-run of their classic films. My grandmother was just a few years younger than him.

Through the years, very little was known about his private life except some bits of details like losing his son to a motorcycle accident and having a girlfriend named “Lilibeth.” It was either the showbiz reporters had so much respect for this icon to be asking about the juicy details of his private life or the public did not care because he was not of our generation. It could be both.

It was only in my adult life when I truly appreciated this genius of an actor. His versatility could never be equalled; he played a soldier, a gay, a villain, a lover, a father and a whole lot more. Through his seven decades in showbiz, he had seen the rise and fall and maybe the rise again of our Philippine cinema. And he was also there when Pinoy action films was at its peak, after all, he was Boyong Manalac in the movies!

My favorite movies of him are the ones with Gloria Diaz. They had such a strong on-screen chemistry and they both looked good together! Off-screen, I only learned that long-time girlfriend Lilibeth was none other than Mr. Mikee Romero’s mother! Netizens were wondering about the surviving biological children and were at lost if there was really a Lisa Ortega because in the picture that Mr. Romero posted on Facebook, there was a surviving son named Erwin Garcia.

Eddie Garcia’s career and some pieces of his personal life like his famous quote about being a “one man woman” could be written on a book as not every person is as interesting and as inspiring as him. But the consideration is, if Mr. Garcia was mum about his personal details when he was alive, he wouldn’t be happy to share about it now that he couldn’t object.