Indie Kings

Kristoffer King and Coco Martin.

Both were indie stars.

Both were good actors.

Both were director’s favourite.

Good luck knocked on Coco’s door and his life was never the same again.

Endorsements, movies, a long-running television show and a beautiful rumored girlfriend, too.

Properties, mansions and a hand at directing.

He is every small artists’ benchmark.

On the other hand, Kristoffer struggled.

With 6 mouths to feed and a deteriorating health, he tried his best to live.

But movie offers were not as good as when he was young and salable.

While Coco reaped the fruit of his fame, Kristoffer walked under his shadow for some cash.

His character in a television show died on the day that the real him passed away.

Yes, it is art imitating life but for me it’s life imitating art.

Show business has two faces: sad and happy, scarce and plenty.