My Trip To The ER

Today is exactly one week after my trip to the emergency room due to palpitations and high blood pressure. Last Monday was just a normal day. I fixed the children for school, my husband drove me to work, I worked at my usual (fast) pace, I left the office and hurriedly went home, I ate dinner with my children, I cleaned the house, watered the plants and when I was washing the dishes, I felt strong palpitations that I initially ignored.

When the palpitations wouldn’t stop, I asked my son to tell our next-door neighboor to accompany me to the hospital. On the way, I felt like I was about to collapse. I was scared but I was more worried about my children and my youngest brother who’s on his final year in school.

At the ER, they took my blood pressure and it was 170/100. They gave me antihistamine and another drug to lower my blood pressure. Laboratory test showed that my ECG was normal, I had a mild UTI and anemia.

I have been monitoring my blood pressure since Monday of last week.  Here are the things that I realize:

We do not own our life. Enjoy every moment. Forgive. Show how much you care about a person before it’s too late. Material  things are just temporary. We need to take care of our health before sickness invades our body. Getting worried all the time contributes to a lot of sickness. Do not be hard on yourself. Enjoy the love that you receive from friends. Give love especially to the ones who need it the most.