The Charlie and Sheerlyn Saga

It all started with Charlie bringing his five young kids in a Tulfo show to get the attention of his erring wife who was into an extra-marital relationship with an engineer in Saudi. We learned that Charlie is a tricyle driver and had a previous offense related to drugs. We learned that Sheerlyn left in 2015 to work in Saudi and that she had a total of three extra-marital affairs. We learned that she was sending PhP19,000 a month to Charlie and half of that went to Sheerlyn’s family so what was left was not enough to feed a family of six. We learned that Sheerlyn recorded lascivious videos of herself and sent those to Charlie to spite him when he asked if she was carrying an affair. We learned that the engineer’s name is Edwin and he challenged Charlie to have him deported. We applauded OWWA Administrator Arnel Ignacio for his quick action in deporting Sheerlyn, which we later realized that it was a blessing in disguise for her rather than risking herself to get jailed in the kingdom for adultery.

The story did not end in her deportation. The part 3 of the youtube video showed Tulfo and Ignacio with a family counsellor, trying to reconcile the estranged couple. We saw a downtrodden Charlie trying to make peace with his wife in spite of what she did to the family and an arrogant Sheerlyn who sneered on Charlie, the man who used to be her life and father to their five children.

It was cringeworthy to watch and I commend Charlie for being a gentleman all throughout his (ex) wife’s baseless accussations on him. In the end, Tulfo promised to buy him his own tricycle. He seemed genuinely resigned to the fact that Sheerlyn would never go back to him anymore.

There are many Sheerlyns out there who immediately have a change of heart the moment “a better” man comes. There are many mothers out there who prioritize their personal interest before the welfare of their children. There are many unfaithful people out there who reverse the story to make it look like they are the aggrieved party so that their infidelity is justified. There are many Edwins out there who listen to what’s in between their legs than what’s in between their ears.  There are many Charlies out there who feel so helpless. There are many children out there who are the product of a broken family.