Tocoma for Detox

Starting November 2018, there was a surge in my sugar consumption and the result was a sugar overload characterized by fluctuating energy level, puffy face and slow metabolism. I had a sick feeling similar to intoxication. I had my annual physical exam last December 21st; the result would be forwarded to the company by January 2019. I am expecting unfavorable result on my blood sugar level.

I decided to do some detoxification during the holiday break but I was clueless where to start. Will lemon with water do? I’ve done that and it didn’t have any significant effect on me. Then I chanced upon this FB page about a powerful detox drink named Tocoma.

I used to be doubtful of online shopping as I was the type who would like to see the merchandise before spending money on it. I checked on Mercury Drug and Watson and unfortunately, they do not have Tocoma. So, I decided to order it online through the FB page “Tocoma- Natural Juice Colon Detoxifier and Cleanser.” Take note that I am not being paid to advertise this FB page; I mentioned this page just in case you want to order because I’m a happy and satisfied customer in terms of their reliability.

I ordered the cheapest that they could offer with 7 sachets in the box. Here are the significant effects of Tocoma on me:

  1. My sugar cravings stopped. On the 4th day, I had sugar withdrawal symptoms like headache but it’s a natural effect of detoxification.
  2. I had an unexplained pain on my right thumb that went away after the 3rd detoxification day.
  3. I am more energetic now than before.
  4. My puffy face went away.
  5. My metabolism is back on track.

If you have other health issues like high visceral fat, frequently constipated etc— Tocoma might be the solution for you. It’s a good product but a little pricey though.

Rating: 5/5 star