Adultery Movie of Vilma Santos

Somebody posted on Facebook that a cheating woman is worse than a cheating man because the former has emotional investment whereas the latter can have sex without the attachment.

Warning: Spoiler alert.

The case of Aida Macaraeg played by Vilma Santos is a more complex one because she doesn’t care if she doesn’t love her lover for as long as she benefits from him materially. The movie starts with a struggling Aida who tries hard to provide for her family. Her father is bedridden, her mother is not working, her younger brother is irresponsible, her youngest sister has a lot of school expenses and Aida is tired of all of these. She is the only one in her family who understands her younger sister’s situation; Miriam is a mistress to a well-off old man.

Vilma’s acting as Aida is very natural. She complements Philip Salvador’s natural acting as her loving but poor love interest. Aida’s flaw can be seen from the start of the movie; she wants somebody to save her from her miserable life. Since Carding is the only one available, she decides to live with him even without the blessing of matrimony. This angers her religious mother and Carding’s conservative aunt. Aida doesn’t care about this for as long as she’s away from her obligations.

When Carding’s luck runs out, their union is put into test. What is ironic is Aida’s angelic face masking her unimpressive attitude and Carding’s tough exterior covering his soft character. With Carding’s incarceration, Aida becomes hopeless and entirely falls out of love and finds an old man to live with. But here’s the catch, Mr. Pangilinan is a married man with three kids. He does not hide that for her from the start.

While Aida lives a luxurious life as the 2nd Mrs. Pangilinan, Carding languishes when he is transferred from Manila to Davao jail. There never is a day he does not think about his wife and maybe her miscarriage. Carding is just too trusting to a fault. How can he not see that Aida does not love him enough and that wedding at the jail is his wedding alone and not theirs?

In a funny twist of fate, Carding is released after 7 years and looks for Aida as soon as he comes back to Manila. His excitement turns to confusion when the now sophisticated Aida seems to find reasons to avoid him. We can see Carding’s transformation, too from being ruggedly handsome to clean cut.

When Aida’s scheme is exposed to both Carding and Mr. Pangilinan, she faces more problem– an adultery case filed by Carding and the risk of losing custody to her son because Mr. Pangilinan hates scandal.

Aida asks for Carding’s forgiveness and Carding drops the case. The ex-couple meets one last time to say good-bye.

Aida: What happened to us?

Carding: Don’t bother to ask. The answer could hurt us.


It seems like a happy ending for both Aida and Carding but if we will analyse it, Aida is not really happy with the way her life turned out to be. First, she notices Carding’s physical improvement. Second, she asks Carding what happened to them. Third, she seems surprised about Carding’s perseverance in life after his release in jail. We cannot bake our cake and eat it, too. Aida’s lust for money blinded her for the more important things in life like true love. On the other hand, had Carding becomes hardworking early on their relationship, maybe they are still together and happy.


While watching Adultery, I cannot help but admire Vilma Santos’ acting. She surely is the Star For All Seasons! She has this magnetic charm that draws viewers to the screen and want more from her. I know Philip Salvador as Kris Aquino’s ex-partner but I didn’t expect him to have this massive sex appeal during his heyday. My bad, I underestimated him and forgot that he is a Salvador; I should watch more of his old movies. Same goes through with his niece, Deborah Sun. I only knew Deborah as what she is today; she has a slight resemblance to Maja Salvador on some angles. It must be the eyes.


Lesson learned: cheating is never okay for both genders. When you cheat, you put yourself in the losing end because karma will catch up on you.