Lesson From My Lemon Seedlings

Pardon me for not posting a picture of my two lemon seedlings because I want them to grow away from the spectators’ prying eyes.  My tree planting journey started in July last year. The first seedling that I took care of was a mango tree that I got from a vacant lot beside our home. Three months later, I experimented with lemon seeds if they could survive my not-so-green thumb from seed to seedling.

What I did was to plant lemon seeds on five different containers, covered them with plastic bag, poked holes for breathing and then kept them from the strong sun. I was near to giving up until I got the surprise of my life when one of the containers showed my lemon seed germinating! To add more happiness to my already happy day, it was my birthday when I found out about it!

The original location of my lemon seedlings was at the shaded part of our tiny terrace. They stayed there from October 2017 up to March 2018. From April 2018 and up to the present, the lemon seedlings are exposed to the sun. Had I known earlier that lemons love lots of sunshine, I would have moved them last year. Unfortunately, only 2 out of 5 lemons survived.

The remaining lemons are given the same amount of water, sunshine and care but Lemon A is growing faster than Lemon B. Both came from the same fruit, by the way. I realize that no matter how healthy the fruit is, we cannot be sure that the quality of its seeds are also as good as it.

That is why as leaders, we need to look beyond our first impression because the weakest fruit on the table might be the one with the strongest seed of knowledge and we just have to uncover it.  Likewise, the most beautiful fruit on the table might be the one that needs more salt for flavor. It’s perfect if we are able to find that one fruit with healthy seeds that can replicate the quality of its originator.