The Magical Feeling

joemariPhoto taken from web.

Because ber-month is less than a month away, I’d like to share the magical feeling of setting up a Christmas tree and adorning the house with Christmas decors. I was the one in charge of the decoration and I used to do it every last week of October. The 4-ft Christmas tree was located in a big box above the cabinet. No matter how heavy it was, my adrenaline rush was enough for me to bring it down alone. Our Christmas tree was an 80’s style tree with its bushy leaves, thus it appeared big and fat.

The original ornaments were a set of reindeers, Santa Clauses and bells of different sizes. When the 90’s came and with two young kids in the house, the ornaments were either broken or lost so I did a DIY that was made of red and gold ribbons. The original Christmas lights were blue and red and were later changed to white. The Christmas star was the last ornament that I put on and it was also a sign of relief because setting up that Christmas tree normally took me around two hours. Despite its height at only 4 ft, it was heavy. It stood on a coffee table that was 2.5 feet so the Christmas tree became a towering centerpiece at 6.5 feet.

In my eyes, our modest home turned into a beautiful castle every ber-monts of the year. There was something magical about Christmas that reminded me that it was a season of giving and forgiving. Ironically, I was not into the religious practice of Christmas and the only Christmas mass that I attended was that one in St. Joseph Church in Baguio City.

I grew up listening to Jose Mari Chan’s enchanting voice. I would hear more of his Christmas songs on the coming months. It would surely bring me back to happier times of  my childhood when my mother, grandmothers, aunts and uncles were still alive.