Movie Watching Through The Years

So this is not about Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom because the movie is average (3 out of 5 stars) and I promised my friend not to talk much about it (anti-spoiler). This is just about me and my perception about going to the movie in my mid-life.

My first movie house experience was in Balanga. I was 5 years old then. The movie house looked more like a religious fellowship activity with its long chairs. (Imagine the chairs inside the Catholic church, that’s it.) We were too close to the big screen and every time the industrial fan hit it, it waved and distracted us.

My parents’ parenting style was too old-fashioned during the 80’s. We were not allowed to go to the movie house with our friends because according to them, it was not a safe place for anybody. There was a time when selected students of our class went to Clark, Pampanga as a treat for something that I could not remember. When we went back to Balanga, one of our classmates suggested to watch a Vilma Santos movie in Recar Cinema. I told the group that I could not go with them because I was afraid of being reprimanded by my father but one of the teachers assured me that they would explain to my father, when needed.

Most of my classmates wanted a Tito, Vic and Joey starrer and one of them warned me that Dolzura Cortes was an adult movie so I went with them instead. That was my first movie house experience in the company of friends instead of my family. Speaking of my family, expect a Friday date with them everytime FPJ had a new movie. Back when I was younger, my mother and aunt used to bring me to the movie house to watch Sharon and Gabby. I was bored; I was too young for love stories then.

In high school, believe it or not, we were required to watch movies in Bataan Cinema for our essay writing. Among the movies that the school required were Ghost, Beatlejuice and Sakay. Quiet and guarded most of the time, one of my classmates asked me if I was okay. I told him (he was gay at that time) that I was not used to watching movies with friends and our schoolmates’ noise were getting into my nerves.

College gave me the liberty to decide on my own. I realized that the movie house was not really an evil place where maniacs and thiefs thrived on. Rather, it was a little dark place where lovers met to express and explore. For the first time, I felt safe inside a movie house with my then boyfriend. I forgot the name of the movie house in Magsaysay Avenue (Baguio) where they offered a double movie to a price of one.

When I started working and earning, dating meant going to the movie house every week. Time Square Cinema was part of my young life in Olongapo and the Harry Potter fever has not yet started there when we watched it. Watching movies in the movie house became seldom and seldom when I moved to my current residence.

Since I got busy juggling my time between work and family,  almost all of my activities when I was single took a backseat. The second movie that I watched (in the movie house) as a married woman was Fantastic 4 and that was 3 years ago. We brought our children and it was a playful disaster! Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom looked promising so we brought our children last night to watch. Waltermart Cinema was good enough. The air-conditioning units were working, the floors were clean and the seats did not smell bad. Despite this, I was paranoid and feared about bedbugs on the seats! I turned on my phone’s torch to check further and when everything looked clean, I focused on watching the movie. Of course, there were instances when one of boys would comment about the movie and there I was telling him to keep quiet. The popcorn did not taste fresh and the soda smelled a little fishy. Between the two, I could tolerate the popcorn but not a fishy-smelling soda!

As an adult and in the company of young kids, movie watching is an extension of babysitting. As a giddy teenager, it was automatic that my date provided for the jacket to make me comfortable. It was a rule that my date would be the one to fall in line to get me a food or drink. Now, I am the one doing all those to my kids and I love it.

Did I enjoy Jurassic World?


Did I feel comfortable inside the Waltermart Cinema?



I am paranoid.

Will I watch another movie again at the movie house?

Yes, when my kids want us to.